I collect birth stories and will be publishing one per month –  every birth is precious and every story is unique – share yours here!  Your story will come to me and I will email you to let you know the next steps.


My September story comes from Ruth, who after spending 5 weeks in hospital with placenta praevia was able to welcome her gorgeous little boy via C-section.  Read her story.









October’s birth story is from Nikki, with her first baby Zaylen over in USA.  Read her story.





birth-story-water-birth-natural-birthNovember’s Birth story is from Clare, who blogs as Sons, sand and sauvignon.  It’s a hospital waterbirth, complete with comedy moments!










I gave birth under the Christmas Tree!


December’s birth story is one of mine – my third (and last) child who came rather speedily at home.










emergency caesarean birth story by Midwife and Life


January’s Birth Story is from one of my readers, who writes about her unplanned emergency C-section.

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