Dreaming of a reading Nook…

Dreaming of a reading Nook…

Do you and your children love reading? Could you benefit from carving out a dedicated space for this activity? Large or small, any home can be improved by having its very own reading nook, it’s something I’ve earmarked for a while, I’ve been planning and gathering inspiration – now to put it into practice! I know where I want to put it, just need to do some plastering and decorating and it’ll be sorted.

How to create the perfect reading nook

How I’d like to be!



First thing first, no matter how much you love reading poetry or stories to the kids, you’ll need to see how much space you have. Luckily, it doesn’t matter whether you have a manor house, a cottage, or an apartment, as they can all pleasantly house a reading nook. You just need to decide where in the house you are going to locate it and how much room you are going to dedicate to it, from a whole room, a corner in a room, to a window seat, to a shelf in the bedroom and a couple of cushions, it can be done!

Those of you with larger houses and spare rooms might even like to dedicate a whole room to reading. Be careful of calling a library though as people might think you’ve gone a bit bonkers!

You also need to decide what the main purpose of the reading room will be. Well ‘Duh! Reading,’ you say, and yes you are right! But is it an adult only retreat space or will it be a kid friendly snuggle space? This can affect all sorts of decisions from the lights, furniture and even the colours you use to decorate.

Seat and Cushions

So let’s look at furniture first. For an adult centered space, you’ll probably want a couple of comfy armchairs, some cushions and a side table or two. You might even splash out for a foot stool!

If the nook is going to include the children as well, why not go chairs for the grown ups and some floor cushions, and blankets for the little ones. That way if they happen to fall asleep when you are reading to them, they can take their nap right there and then. You could even get a theme going with the soft furnishing, like this reading nook here. I love the idea of a canopy, with fairy lights and bunting.


Once you have the furniture sorted, you need to think about lighting. Good lighting is important when you are reading, so consider wisely.

For the adult nook, an adjustable table lamp, will work nicely. This means you to have that cozy, dimmed light effect, while targeting light where you need it for reading.

For a kids reading nook, as well as fairy lights, think about adjustable lighting. Bright for reading and the able to dim for naps or quiet time. You can even get bulbs that work from phone apps now to make it super easy!


What reading nook would be complete without some serious storage for all those books? Pick shelves that you will grow into. There’s no point having shelves that are full as soon as you put them up. Make sure you get enough shelving so you can add to your book collection in the day and months to come.

Bright and bold options are great for modernist look reading corners or kids’ reading nooks.  Or you may want to go for something a bit more traditional and gentlemen’s club like these.

No matter what shelves you go for, make sure that they are safely bolted to the wall. This will stop them falling on any intrepid little climbers that may see them as a challenge!

How to create the perfect reading nook


Whether you follow all these ideas or just pick one one, I hope you and the kids have many happy hours reading in your new nook. I’ll let you know how I get on with mine!

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