Home Window Dressing Tips

Home Window Dressing Tips

Dressing your windows properly at home is important for a number of reasons. Not only can it emphasize a room, it can also let in all of the natural light you need, create a focal point, and so much more. This guide on window dressing will help you to get it right in your home for maximum impact.


Consider What You Really Want To Do With Your Curtains

Before you dress your windows, you need to consider what you really want to do with your curtains. Would you prefer them to be for light control and privacy, or simply dressing them up and making them look pretty?

Lined curtains are amazing for privacy and total darkness, but unlined are OK if you’re fine with light coming through. Curtains with interlining add insulation as well as privacy and light blocking – these are most commonly made to measure curtains rather than less expensive ready made curtains. You can use this information to select the perfect curtains for your needs.  

Incorporate Texture With Your Curtains

Did you know that you can incorporate texture into your home? Mohair curtains look amazing and can even add an element of luxury, but there are so many other types you can add too. Texture stops your home from looking flat and one dimensional, so make sure you add it in anyway you can.

Add Some Colour Or Pattern

Add some colour or pattern with your curtains. They can make a great focal point, especially if you’re trying to show off a great view in your home. 

Get Volume With Balloon Shades

Balloon shades can look incredible, especially if you feel your window treatments need some volume. Another great way to add texture, you really can’t go wrong with this style of curtain. If you don’t like just how much volume you get with these curtains, you can find styles that are a little less voluminous but still look fabulous.

Get A Double Pole Design

Double pole designs are smart. This will allow you to use a sheer curtain as well as a patterned curtain, but you’ll be able to draw them both independently to let in as much light as you want and control privacy at the same time.

Use Both Curtains and Blinds Together

It isn’t against the law to use both curtains and blinds together either. You can use both of them so you can control exactly how much light and privacy you have. Whether you use a sheer and a set of curtains or a blind and a set of curtains depends on the look you’re going for. It’s all down to preference.

Hopefully, these tips on window dressing help you to create the look you’re going for in every room in your home. You may simply want to make the windows look as pretty as possible in the dining room, but want both privacy and aesthetics in the living room. Make sure you consider these things and then select the perfect style for you!

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