A guide to flower girls: dresses, shoes and how to make the choice

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Flower girls have an important role in your wedding. They lighten the mood, bring joy to every guest, and help to beautify the aisle before you step onto it. It’s up to you to choose your flower girls and select the dresses and shoes they will wear on the big day. To help you to make the choice, we’ve crafted a list of tips to help you choose and dress the most special members of your wedding party.

Choose those closest to you

Choose the most special little girls in your life (generally between the ages of 3 and 7) to be your flower girls. If you have nieces, or daughters of close friends, they are the perfect choices. It will not only be meaningful to them, but it will mean a lot to their parents too.

Create a special invitation they will love

Instead of asking your flower girls’ parents if their daughter can be in your wedding, ask them directly…but make it special. You could bake them a special cake with a message on the front, and deliver it to them yourself. Or, you could bring them a special doll with a dress resembling the flower girl dresses you’ve chosen. Make it a special moment for them to remember for ever, a moment to make them feel excited and important.

Choose fun silhouettes with classy colors

Choose silhouettes which your flower girls will love to wear. Flower girl dresses with voluminous, puffy, princess-shaped silhouettes are not only super cute, but they’re fun for the girls to wear. Choose colours which will compliment your own dress. Ivory flower girl dresses will shimmer and float down the aisle, perfectly matching your own white, cream or ivory dress. Add little diamantes, sequins or crystals to give a bit of sparkle.

Choose fun-yet-comfy shoes

You don’t want your flower girls to be walking down the aisle in uncomfortable shoes. Kids aren’t exactly subtle when it comes to discomfort, they say how they feel. It will likely show in their walk and possibly their words if the shoes are too tight, pinching or rubbing their feet. And of course, you want your flower girls to have a lovely experience, not one to put them off wearing dressy shoes forever! Find shoes which have fun colours or sparkly embellishments, but are designed to be comfortable on little feet.

Let them choose a special accessory

Give your flower girls the responsibility to choose one accessory of their own. It could be a necklace, headband, bracelet or colored sash. This will make them feel even more involved and excited for their special part in the wedding. It will be a lovely touch to let your flower girls show their fabulous, individual personalities.


Your flower girls will never forget the amazing experience of being a part of your wedding day, so make it extra special! Break the exciting news to them in a fun, creative way, and let them choose an accessory all of their own to show their unique personality on the day. Go for fun, floaty, voluminous shapes and clean, creamy hues to compliment your wedding dress.

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January 14, 2019
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