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The world revolves around technology nowadays, and it allows us to do so much, and hands us with access and power that we never could have imagined having before. We have advanced over the years, and we still are now. The future is a bright one, and we’ve created that through artificial intelligence. Having said that, things are also costing us a lot more too, and that’s because it’s doing more for us. If you break down your bank statements and have a look just how much you’re spending every month, you’d be surprised to see how many bills are from appliances like the tv, the internet, and the mobile phone. While there will always be a price on the things that you want, they vary, and if you’re willing to look for a better deal, you will most likely find one, you just have to be bothered to go looking in the first place.   

Here are some ideas of where to start, and how to save, and gain money.

Your tv

Most of you turn your tv off when you leave the house or go to bed, but are you turning it off properly? A lot of people don’t realise that when they switch it off with the remote, they are actually leaving it on standby, and this still drains energy, even though you’re not watching anything. It doesn’t use as much as if you were, but it still adds up on the bill at the end of the month, so make sure you turn it off properly. The same goes for anything else you leave plugged in like your phone charger – turn it off at the wall otherwise it will still be pumping out energy (and money).

Your mobile

You already know by now just how much you rely on your mobile phone – it has the answer to every question that you need at a mere click of a button, while connecting you with your friends, family, and inspirations. This, of course, comes at a price, and you may find yourself paying an awful lot every month in order to have the luxury of these things. Depending on who you do business with though, will determine how much you’re spending. Some companies go so far as to giving you money back on unused data, so essentially you get every last drop out of what you’re paying for, making each penny worthwhile.

Your opinion

If you have free time and want to make a little extra cash, then have a think about filling out surveys online. The more you do, the more money you make. A standard survey can take around five minutes to complete, and all you have to do is answer their questions honestly, and they pay you for your time. You may not necessarily make enough to quit your job by any means, but it certainly helps to have a little extra money in your pocket in time for the weekend. There are so many different companies that value your opinion, so have a look in your search engine and see what tickles your fancy.

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November 19, 2018
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