Deal a Day Black Friday Week Day 4

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Good Morning!

Today’s deal is something I use all the time and is an essential for blogging (and any smart phone addict). It’s a power bank to keep your phone charged. I have two, one I bought for about a fiver from Primark, but it doesn’t fully charge the phone, it gives it about 40-50%, so my advice is to get a decent one. When you’re out and about, like me when I go to blogging events, I often need it for social media on the day, my normal social media activity, emailing and also for a satnav to find my way there and back, because I can’t find my way out of a paper bag to save my life!

I then got a decent one given to me in a camping package and it’s truly a lifesaver, it fully charges the phone up from dead. This one is very similar and will give you 1-2 full charges depending on your type of phone, if you have a newer iPhone, you may only get one charge. It’s down from over £20 to now £11.99 so it’s a really good price. Click on this link to take a look or on the image below.

I’ll see you tomorrow for another deal of the day, tomorrow I’ll be talking about how to grow your Instagram, and later on in the week I have a post coming out about where to find freebies when you’re pregnant.

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