Gift guide for 9 year old boys

9 year old boys are so difficult to buy for, I know I have one! Here are some gift ideas for your 9 year old boy so you won't have the same issues. #giftguide #9yearold #9yearoldboys #giftideas

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I’m writing this gift guide because my son turned 9 in August and he was really hard to buy for! I found myself trawling for recommendations. I did find some, and I used a couple but I thought I’d write my own too to help others looking. Here’s what he enjoyed and gets the most use out of. All the images link to the products so you can check the up to date prices and have a look.

1. Balloon Light


This novelty balloon lamp is great for night time, it changes colour but you can also press the button on the balloon knot and the colour changing stops. He likes it on the green colour. It’s not too bright for sleeping and he loves it. It’s something practical that they will use and a good talking point for their friend

2. Beginner’s Guitar

He’d expressed an interest in learning, so I got him this beginner’s guitar kit, it’s got everything you need and it’s not too expensive. I also got a beginner’s guitar book for kids. It’s easy to follow and he’s learnt a few chords!

3. New Trainers

You can’t go wrong with new trainers I find. They may have a particular favourite brand, for my kids they love Skechers and anything that lights up. These ones are bright, gaudy and he loves them.

4. Joke Book

We have joke time at every meal and always need inspiration. Books are always a great gift too.  We went for awesome jokes that every 9 year old  should know!

5. A sports watch

This boys sports watch is reasonably priced and looks cool, plus it has lots of different features and comes in different colours.

 6. Bean boozle

It’s a modern classic, he’s at the age now where he likes the russian roulette style game, plus there’s sweets involved. There’s enough spare sweets included and we all had a right laugh playing it – except the losers!

7. Air powered football

This game of indoor football is perfect for our wooden floors, football fans and rainy days. 8. Harry Potter Coding Wand

This is something he has requested for Christmas and we are considering, along with another coding game. It’s not just the wand, The harry potter coding wand and game comes with technology and a game which you design. It’s a main present more than a small one, coming in at £99.99. He wants to be a game developer when he grows up….

 9. Headphones

These are comfortable and durable and great for little ears. We’ve had trouble with cheap ones falling apart, these are the headphones that have lasted and are great for kids who love gaming.

gaming headset

 10. Minecraft Pyjamas

He loves his minecraft pyjamas!

 11. A decent scooter

Get a scooter that is really strong and will last as it’s adjustable.

 12. Minecraft Lego set

 13. Monqi kids smart phone

This is a proper smart phone that you have control over. It’s linked to your phone, you can see where they are, how long they spend on what apps, it’s brilliant! Plus they can chat and message to you.

14. Walkie Talkies

 15. Nintendo Labo

If they have a nintendo switch, the labo is a great way to combine the physical world and the virtual.

 16. Stikbot studio

If they express an interest in animation and creating video, Stikbot is a great range.

17. Rubiks cube

Give them a challenge by getting them a classic rubiks cube!

 18. Cat or Panda stealing money box

The novelty doesn’t wear off. Can I have one?

 19. Fishing rod starter kit

 20. Level 9: Achievement unlocked T shirt

I hope this has given you some ideas! I have bought or will have bought all the items on this list so they are all personally tested. I was gifted the beanboozle game and the balloon light from I have two boys aged 9 and almost 4 at the time of writing and they are both different characters so I know it’s not a one size fits all. What does your 9 year old boy like?

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9 year old boys are so difficult to buy for, I know I have one! Here are some gift ideas for your 9 year old boy so you won't have the same issues. #giftguide #9yearold #9yearoldboys #giftideas

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