How to Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

How to Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

You may remember a while ago last year I reviewed some natural deodorant lovingly entitled ‘Hippy Paste’ (you can read my review here). I’d never considered using a deodorant without chemicals, as I was convinced I needed those chemicals (I sweat a lot), but I was pleasantly surprised how it actually worked. Not long after that I had an evening with friends where we made our own, and this ‘recipe’ comes from that evening of experimenting. Here’s what you need if you fancy trying it for yourself:

Ingredients for Natural Deodorant

4 tbsp Coconut oil

2 tbsp Bicarbonate of Soda

5-15 drops of your favourite Essential Oil, or a combination of them according to preference

2 tbsp Cornflour

Method to make Natural Deodorant

Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl apart from the essential oils. Add them according to your preference, if it isn’t strong enough, add some more a few drops at a time. Once the ingredients are combined, put into a pot. When you’re ready to use, scoop a little on your fingertips and apply to your underarms as a deodorant.

You’ll be surprised at how it works and feels so nice and gentle on your skin. With the warmth of your fingers and underarms the coconut oil will dissolve, and it will make your skin soft too. My favourite essential oils to use are Lime and Bergamot. Tea tree has anti fungal and antibacterial properties so is popular for natural deodorants. Top tip – get your coconut oil from Aldi or Amazon, don’t spend over the odds for it.


How Natural Deodorant Works

The coconut oil is the carrier for the other ingredients, and is a nice skin emollient. The cornflour will absorb wetness and sweat, whereas the bicarbonate of soda has antibacterial properties to prevent that body odour smell from stale sweat. Used over time it should actually reduce the amount you sweat! The Essential oil gives it a nice scent. You can also buy pre-made ones.

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Do natural deodorants work? Ever wondered how you can make your own deodorant from all natural ingredients? This simple method from store cupboard ingredients will work and keep you smelling fresh

Happy experimenting!


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