Nurture Fruity Water Review

I take protecting my children seriously, but I do let them eat things off the floor (3 second rule, more like 30 seconds!) and I believe they build up their immune system from being exposed to the elements, other children and adults and generally exploring.

Can we give them a helping hand with their immunity? Aside from vaccinating them, which I feel strongly that they should have, is there anything else we can do?

The family led team behind Nurture fruity water seems to think so. We were sent a couple of pouches to try out. They’re enriched with 7 different vitamins plus zinc and calcium, and something called Wellmune Beta Glucone, which has been clinically proven to naturally strengthen key immune cells that help keep the body healthy.  I’m sure they’ll still be coming home with various snot producing coughs and colds and the odd sickness bug here and there but it might be worth a shot to keep them at bay.

The taste

Daniel and Phoebe tried a pouch each and drank it in one go, so no complaints there. I had a try and I found they tasted like squash, nice and fruity but not too sweet. There’s 100% natural sugars in the Nurture drinks, with 45% being juice and 55% water, with the added goodies in. The sugar content is 5g per 100ml or less.

No spill pouch

It claims to have a mess free spout – there was less mess but I wouldn’t say totally mess free. If you squeeze it and drop it on the floor you won’t lose all the contents, but the odd drop does escape.

The verdict

They’re good drinks to have on the go and in lunch boxes, and they take up slightly less room than a bottle or carton. If a small child (like Daniel) has one and then drops it, you won’t lose it all or have a spillage to clear up. The taste is good and has less sugar than pure fruit juice or fizzy drinks. I like to think that by drinking it they are gaining some extra immunity and may have fewer upper respiratory tract infections as a result. They’re running a competition at the moment with Storks, where you can win a luxury family adventure and Storks goodies when you buy a pouch and input the code. You can also use a buy one get one free voucher at Boots either online or in store. For more information on the product, head to the Nurture website.

Disclosure: we were sent 2 pouches of Nurture drinks to try. All opinions are my own.

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