Simply Washing Tabs Review – Environment and Vegan Friendly Washing

Simply Washing Tabs Review – Environment and Vegan Friendly Washing

I was asked to try out these washing tablets from Simply.  I am a fan of eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to cleaning and washing, and I try to use products that are kind to the wider environment as well as our personal environment where possible.

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It’s a common misconception that products that don’t contain harsh chemicals or ones that are labelled eco-friendly don’t clean as well.  It’s just not true!  I find the cleaning is just the same, if you have something that is stained you’re always going to need an extra stain remover.  Good news is you can get eco-friendly stain removers too!

About Simply Washing Tabs

They carry the Vegan Pledge which means they comply with the vegan society regulations, which are:

  • No animal ingredients. The manufacture and/or development of the product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, the use of any animal product, byproduct or derivative.
  • No animal testing. The development and/or manufacture of the product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, testing of any sort on animals conducted at the initiative of the manufacturer or on its behalf, or by parties over whom the manufacturer has effective control.
  • Genetically modified organisms. The development and/or production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must not have involved animal genes or animal-derived substances. Products put forward for registration which contain or may contain any GMOs must be labelled as such.

Other Factors to Note

I’ve been using the Simply sensitive and Simply Pure washing tabs for my washing for the past week, I’ve had loads to do because we went away in the Easter holidays, I’ve just about recovered from it!  The instructions say to put one tablet in your washer drawer, I found when I did this, the tablet didn’t get taken fully into the machine and I found half the tablet still there when the washing finished, but when I chucked it in the drum with the washing, it dissolved fine.  There’s no need to unwrap, the wrapper dissolves.  The cleaning power matched that of my Ecoegg and other powders I’ve used.

Where to buy Simply products

You can get them from the Simply website, Sainsburys (in store or online) or from Amazon.

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Disclosure: I was gifted samples of the washing tablets for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. Contains affiliate links.



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