Why are people paying more money for homes with underfloor heating?

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The team at Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies have noticed an increasing trend for new home builders using underfloor heating in houses.  retrofitting of underfloor heating systems in existing housing stock has also increased.  We are intrigued to understand why people are making this move.  Our research, undertaken with our customers, suggests that installing underfloor heating raises the value of the property and this rise is a positive return on the investment in extra costs taken to install this system.  

The perception of luxury

There are many pounds worth of reasons people perceive underfloor heating to be a luxury.  The installation of this heating system can be more expensive then radiators.  You are looking at about £40 to £70 per square metre for installation.  However, the impact of an underfloor heating system is similar to the feel of becoming a movie star.  You imagine it is how all your Hollywood favourites are living.  It is the feature of the house that you would brag to your friends about.

Even if people are not in the thrall of the tech, they will be in love with the sense of space it creates. City dwellings can appear small by necessity.  If you add radiators to the walls, then you reduce this space even more.  Using underfloor heating may be the only practical solution to issues of space.

Whether it is the idea of luxury or the extra sense of space, as soon as you increase the attractiveness of a house, you are going to increase the market value.  The more people who are interested in buying the property, the higher the demand, and the more people will pay – it is basic market forces economics.

The chance to save money

There is an increasing consciousness about the cost of energy.  Therefore, people are more and more concerned about how they are going to keep their homes warm.  This means that households with underfloor heating are more desirable because they offer the chance to save money on energy.  The system will come with the opportunity to heat single rooms.  Zonal heating is likely to revolutionise the heating bill in most people’s houses.

This chance to save money in the long term means that the home buyer is willing to pay more for the house in the short-term.  It makes logical financial sense.  Currently, the UK housing stock is the least energy efficient in Europe.  Therefore, to make your house stand out is easy – just install underfloor heating.

The opportunity to help save the world

UFH is also an eco-friendly solution.  David Attenborough has done much to raise our awareness of the need for more care with the planet.  Donald Trump and other political leaders have made it evident that it is the role of the ordinary person in the street to make changes that can have an impact.  If not us, then who?  Underfloor heating is good for the environment because we do not have to heat the whole of the house to be warm in the dining room.  This means we are using less energy and reducing our footprint on the planet.

The eco-friendly status of UFH may have been questioned in the past, due to the heavy reliance on concrete that creates its own omission problems.  However, new screed needs only be 4cm thick, which is a massive improvement in technology.  Therefore, UFH can now seriously claim to improve the environmental impact of a home and help with building regulations.

Most responsible owners are likely to say they would pay a little more for a house that was better for the environment.  Therefore, it offers some positive marketing and branding for the house seller.

It makes the house look, and feel good

We can talk about the perception of luxury and the sense that you are creating space.  However, there is a much more obvious reason why people pay more for homes with underfloor heating.  This system makes the house feel like a home.  The heat is evenly spread throughout the rooms, with no overly hot places and no unwelcome drafts.  This is appealing.

What also appeals is the lack of radiators to break up the walls.  This means the clean lines of the architecture can be left free of piping.  It also frees up wall space for your furniture and gives you much more flexibility to build the home you desire.  We are all willing to pay a little more for a home that provides us with this freedom.

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December 21, 2018
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