11 Things you didn’t know about me

11 Things you didn’t know about me

Thankyou to Stefani from Mum_Monsters for the tag!  Here’s her lovely list.  I’ve tagged three more people, apologies if you’ve already been tagged!

What do you find most fun about blogging?

People getting involved and commenting, the community, sharing my knowledge and family life .

What do you find the toughest about blogging?

Finding the time!  And the right balance between work, rest and family.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

Very apt as it’s raining today – stay snuggled up at home with nice food, TV, pottering, catching up with Twitter, playing silly games with the children.

If you were to star in a film which one would you pick?

When I was younger all I wanted to be in was A Chorus Line!  Or Mannequin (showing my age) because they got to run around in a department store and play with what they wanted!


mannequin wedding


Best song to listen to drive on a sunny country road surrounded by green fields and blue skies with your windows down?

At the moment anything by Jess Glynne, usually have Radio 1 on or Radio 2 if I’m not feeling down with the kids.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?(irrelevant of emotional ties -heck imagine you move everyone and everything that matters with you if it helps)

I think Canada although I’ve never been, I do really like where I live but the weather could be better so maybe LA California.

Where do you turn to feel inspired, uplifted and motivated?

My husband (sorry to be slushy), he always has another perspective on things that I hadn’t thought of, my Mum, the power of music, my bed!

Your favourite outfit to wear to wear that makes you feel a million bucks?

Not much at the moment because I still feel a bit blobby from having a baby (ok so he’s 8 months old!) but normally some sort of LBD and high heels works a treat.

You have a full day to yourself to indulge, what do you choose to do?

RARE!  It might be a trip to the gym/spa, catching up on missed TV, having an uninterrupted lunch and pudding, crafting, writing, ticking things off my list…

How would you sum up your life in 3 words?

William, Phoebe and Daniel! (My 3 Kids)  I think I have some other life somewhere.

What’s your lucky charm/symbol/treasure?

I have a fossil stone that I found when I was 13 or so on a field trip and it’s managed to stick with me through all my moves and refuses to get lost so I believe it has some importance.


Here’s my 11 questions:

  1. Where’s your favourite place to write?
  2. What are you most grateful for?
  3. What’s your earliest childhood memory?
  4. What one baby item would you not have lived without?
  5. What book are you reading at the moment?
  6. How many blog posts have you written?
  7. I’m happiest when…
  8. What’s your favourite family board game?
  9. What is first on your to do list (I know you have one)?
  10. And what’s most likely to stay on there for a while?
  11. If you won the lottery what would you do/buy first?


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  1. Be You Beautiful. Mum & monsters
    August 26, 2015 / 7:43 pm

    Love it! I find finding the time for blogging tough too especially through the summer holidays and my current morning (all day) sickness! Loving your lucky charm my 8yo is obsessed with fossils at the moment so i will show him later 🙂 xx

    • August 26, 2015 / 7:48 pm

      Hopefully the sickness passes soon xx the fossil was found on a trip to netherswell manor

  2. August 27, 2015 / 8:56 am

    Aaah I totally agree about finding time. That is *absolutely* the hardest thing about blogging for me. I have toddler twins and run my own design business so time for blogging is scarce — it’s a real juggling act!

    It’s hard enough finding time to write but running — and joining in with — linkys; commenting and all the blog admin that is part and parcel of running a blog really takes it toll. There are not enough hours in the day! #BrillBlogPosts

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  3. Mir Fleur
    August 28, 2015 / 12:00 am

    Lovely to read 🙂 Mir xx

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