25 Rustic Bedroom Ideas for 2019

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Enjoy creating a beautiful peaceful space in your new rustic bedroom. What furniture should you look for when buying from your favourite online marketplace in Australia? What decorations will help create the perfect cosy room for you to relax and dream? Let’s explore the top 25 trending ideas for 2019.

  1. Contrast white with natural colours for a beautiful blend of wood, natural fibres, and soothing colours.
  2. Buy distressed frames for photos, artwork, and mirrors.
  3. Use recycled distressed wood as key features for your bedroom.
  4. Hang artwork, needlework, and picture frames from tree branches and old wood pieces.
  5. Add fresh flowers in simple vases, pitchers, and cups.
  6. Display family photos in wooden frames and antique looking frames.
  7. Explore rustic furniture ideas online and look for furniture that has a natural wood finish, has an antique look, or is distressed.
  8. Light up the room with beautiful candles in scents like vanilla.
  9. Line your room with reclaimed shiplap.
  10. Expose the beams of the bedroom.
  11. Stack wooden crates as additional storage.
  12. Reclaim old mason jars by painting them white and using them to display flowers and small items.
  13. Stack old wooden crates for a small table.
  14. Use rope to wrap lamps, vases, and mason jars.
  15. Layer your bed with beautiful white or slate grey comforters with light patterns.
  16. Buy wood initial letters and display on the wall.
  17. Use an old piece of wood to hang keys and other items.
  18. Use lighting to create a calming soothing look.
  19. Line the walls with reclaimed wooden planks.
  20. Buy minimalist wooden bookshelves for books, pictures, and memento.
  21. Add barn lights to lighten the room.
  22. Incorporate wreaths and dried flowers into your bedroom dΓ©cor.
  23. Use old doors as a headboard.
  24. Add plush rugs in off-white and natural colours.
  25. Buy wooden baskets as extra storage.

How to Buy Rustic

When you are decorating your rustic bedroom, search for items that have a β€œdistressed look”. This means that the item either is old and deteriorated or has been painted to look this way. While you might want to use actual distressed wood for your room, be careful of anything that has bugs in it, mold, or is not structurally sound.

Rustic furniture can be made out of wood, cast iron, or faux wood. Opt for sturdy items that will last for a long time. For example, you want a high quality mattress and bed frame. You can distress new furniture yourself with a little bit of paint and sandpapers.

Decorate your bedroom with items in cream, white, or grey to contrast the darker woods. White fluffy pillows, comforter, sheets, and shams will accent the look overall. Add extra calm with good lighting. Lighting is important to offset any shadows and darkness created by the wood materials. Follow these great tips for the perfect rustic bedroom look!

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September 4, 2019
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