5 Ways to make the most of a small Kitchen

When your kitchen is compact and bijou aka small, try these clever storage tips and tricks to make the space work for you.

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Our Kitchen is bijou and compact to say the least. Our long term goal is to extend the house to the back and knock through the wall to the dining room (currently the playroom), but until then we’ve learned to make the most of it. The short term goal is to redo the floor, paint the cupboard doors and get new handles, fix and replace broken tiles and strip and paint the walls. Our old house had a good sized kitchen with lots of storage so I’d managed to acquire a lot of kitchen paraphernalia that all needed to go somewhere when we moved. We had to put the microwave in the dining room and all our glassware. The cereal boxes and cat food go in the playroom too but other than that it’s all in the kitchen. We have a funny larder that’s added on to the house which is a godsend, and we keep all the tins and packets and essentials like wine and crisps! I’ve had to get inventive, especially since we installed the dishwasher which cut out another cupboard, leaving us with one under the sink, two for pots, pans and tupperware and two for food and crockery. Storage is key of course, but how when space is so tight? Here are some of my tips and tricks I use plus some more I’d like to try.

1 When you have no drawer space

There’s no such thing as a drawer in my kitchen, not one. So we got a cutlery caddy, one that’s meant to hold cutlery after washing up, posher than the plastic ones you can get, and it sits on my window sill. Then we have several utensil pots in stainless steel to match, plus they’re all out of the way of curious toddlers.

2 Use the wall space as much as possible

Use shelving where possible. I plan on putting up some shelving where I can in the new year. We have a cork board to pin useful stuff too like birthday invitations, vouchers etc. There’s a really great gizmo you can get which holds your clingfilm, foil and kitchen roll and keeps them all to hand, right on the wall, leaving you with more counter space.

This is definitely on my list. We have a small amount of workspace that is often cluttered, this would free up a lot of space. At the moment our clingfilm and foil are behind the radio and the kitchen roll is on a stand. This would free up so much space.

3 Don’t forget the ceiling

You can hang racks from the ceiling and hang your pots and pans or utensils from them, plus you get to feel like you’re living in a country farmhouse. #Winning. Just got to have a high enough ceiling so you don’t bash your head. There’s a rack you can put up to hold wine glasses too, I’m always having to go in the other room for my wine glasses so I’d love this.

4 Let in the light

If your budget doesn’t stretch to an extension or that isn’t an option, try and get as much light in as possible to create the feeling of space. A VELUX skylight¬†window in the ceiling will flood light in to the room and it will automatically feel bigger.

5 Streamline and declutter

Do you really need the pasta maker and fondue set in the kitchen at all times? Have a think about where else in the house you could relocate those non essential items. Have you got a garage or loft you can store the less everyday items? Wardrobe? We keep a lot in the garage, things like that and irregular shaped cake tins. We have a chest freezer in the garage along with our tumble dryer. I take regular trips to the garage. Failing that, sort out what you really need and get rid of the rest. If you haven’t used it in the last year and you don’t love it – give it away.

So there you have it, 5 tips for making the most out of a small kitchen. Have you got a small space? Have you got any tips and tricks to share? Let me know in the comments section below.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


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December 31, 2016
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  • Reply Emma and Family

    Great advice! My old flat had the smallest darkest kitchen and it was a nightmare!

    December 31, 2016 at 3:53 pm
    • Reply Midwife and Life

      Thank you – hope you’ve got a lovely kitchen now x

      December 31, 2016 at 4:33 pm

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