7 Ironing Hacks to make your life easier

Do you hate ironing? Looking for hacks to make it easier? Or perhaps just the right iron will be a start. Check out these 7 ironing hacks that you absolutely need in your life, especially if you hate ironing...

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Bosch Steam Iron TDA5073GB from Euronics review plus 7 Ironing Hacks to make a boring job easier

I am not an ironing fan. When my then boyfriend (now husband) moved in with me, I took pride in ironing his shirts… for about 5 minutes. I soon realised that he had the vast majority of ironing, whereas I only ever had a few items every couple of weeks at the most. I always buy clothes that don’t need ironing on purpose. I don’t know what it is, it takes so long to do 1 shirt! I’m ok with ironing tea towels, T shirts and kids clothes, they’re so tiny, but a pile of shirts waiting to be ironed just give me the ironing woes and I need a sit down. I’ve researched some ironing hacks for you towards the bottom of this post to try and lighten the load.


So after I while I gave up ironing. Just like that. I was working, we had children, I don’t have time! Or the inclination… so he started ironing, only he wouldn’t iron all the shirts from the wash in one go, he gets the ironing board out daily and irons precisely one shirt, the one he intends to wear. And then he leaves the ironing board out, grrrr. He also gets in the way in the morning. We did have an ironing lady for a while, but she all of a sudden stopped coming – maybe she gave up on ironing too. The last iron we had ended up getting that black sludge stuff attached to it which ruined a couple of shirts, despite using distilled water and cleaning it regularly. Enough! We took delivery of this Bosch Steam iron from Euronics, the electrical online store, and it promises to be the answer to our ironing problems. I checked, and I don’t think it does the ironing for you, which is a shame, but it does promise the following:

  • An advanced steam system and ceramic soleplate to help glide through your basket of ironing in no time.
  • An extra powerful 200g steam shot to smooth out even the toughest of creases. This Bosch model uses an impressive 3100 W of power to deliver 50 g of steam per minute.
  • The CeraniumGlissée soleplate and advanced steam system allow for targeted distribution and deeper steam penetration.
  • Bosch has arranged the soleplate’s holes and steam channels into three distinct zones; ‘Pre-steam’ at the front of the iron, ‘intensive steam’ in the middle, and drying and smoothing at the back. These zones ensure the iron glides over fabrics with ease, producing great results every time.
  • The soleplate has been designed to iron forwards, backwards and sideways without causing any creases. This allows you to iron a piece of clothing without moving it constantly.
  • An ergonomic design and soft grip rubber handle.
  • A built-in Anti’Calc system to prevent calcium deposits.
  • A long three metre cable with cord storage makes it easy to pack away.



I did have to personally test out the iron, as my husband is a little camera shy, and I do iron the children’s clothes occasionally when I am really on top of this parenting game, so I was happy to do it. I was pleased with the long cord, the iron heats up quickly and it does glide nice and easy over the clothes. It got rid of the creases which is the main point of ironing, and the temperature settings and steam functions were easy to understand and put into action. I liked the way the water inlet opened and stayed open, you get a plastic jug that comes with it, and you can clearly see the water level inside. We don’t get those nasty deposits anymore, we just every couple of weeks press the calc and clean button and we’re done. We can use tap water again in the iron, yay!



It’s light and very ergonomic to use, I’d say it’s a great mid priced iron, and a decent iron is something you should invest in when you have a family.

Onto the ironing hacks – here are 7 of the best ironing hacks I could find!

  1. Keep a spray water bottle to hand to spray stubborn creases, or use your iron’s spray function
  2. Hang your shirts up whilst you have a hot shower and let them steam, then smooth any creases with your hand
  3. Don’t overload the washing machine or dryer to prevent lots of creases
  4. Blow dry your clothes first to loosen creases
  5. Hang your clothes to dry in the sun for fewer creases
  6. Put some silver aluminium foil under your ironing board cover
  7. Iron straight from the wash with damp shirts

Who does the ironing in your house? Do you have an ironing basket that never ends? Do you have an ironing service? #lifegoals. Let me know 🙂

Disclosure: we were gifted the iron in return for my honest review. All opinions my own.


Do you hate ironing? Looking for hacks to make it easier? Or perhaps just the right iron will be a start. Check out these 7 ironing hacks that you absolutely need in your life, especially if you hate ironing...

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    Great one big advert. Thanks.

    February 17, 2019 at 1:17 pm
    • Reply Midwife and Life

      I’m sorry you feel that way, I did research on the best ironing hacks for the post and I included my review of the iron as I thought it was a good fit. Thanks for reading xx

      February 18, 2019 at 2:45 pm

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