7 reasons why you should have a date night with your cat


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A partner is all well and good, but sometimes only a date night with your cat will do. My husband works away overnight and late nights sometimes, so often it’s just me and the cats. I have one cat who rules the roost, Monty and another who creeps in for food and a quick stroke then out again. Her name’s Lily. So what makes a perfect date night with your cat?

1 Wear what you want

Cats like soft things, particularly dressing gowns, so slip on your comfies and you’ll both be happy.

2 Do your make up and hair, the natural way

Cats don’t care if your hair is wet and you have no make up on. They may look at you a little funny if you put a face mask on though, so I generally avoid that one. Here is Monty waiting for our dinner together. He likes to sit on the stool in the kitchen to make himself look more important.


3. Food is important

Treat your cat to something special, that doesn’t smell like the rotting inside of an elephant. We went for the new Whiskas cat casseroles, which he absolutely loved, ate every scrap of. I ate some chocolate. Because I could. Cats don’t mind what you eat or how much. Monty has a little trick to get every last bit, he hooks out the food with his paw! I gave him a little helping hand too.





4. Movie Time

There’ll be no arguing over the remote, what film to watch and he won’t care if you cry, laugh or fart as you watch together.

5. Snuggles with no expectations

Your cat will snuggle with you and won’t expect anything in return. They love you unconditionally (as long as you feed them) and they give the best cuddles. Did you know stroking a cat will lower your blood pressure and produce endorphins?

6. Share a drink together

Cats don’t mind if you have a drink of wine or abstain. They can even join in with you – you can get Pawsecco, Pinot Meow and Catbernet… I’ve never tried any of them, have you?

7. Fall asleep and share a bed together

They won’t hog the duvet, snore (well not loudly anyway) and they keep you warm. Monty likes to snuggle next to my feet.

What’s your ideal date night with your cat?


Disclosure: This post is in conjunction with WHISKAS® but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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August 27, 2018
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  • Reply Anna

    A date night with a cat sounds purrfect they will love their dinner!

    October 11, 2018 at 6:58 pm
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