7 Side Hustle Ideas for Crafty Mums

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If you’re a mum with a knack for crafts, you’re in luck! Crafting is not only a dynamic, creative outlet and effective means of relieving stress, but it’s also a potential money maker. Today, the boom in online shopping, combined with a new consumer preference for one of a kind goods, makes several types of crafts extremely sellable. Pick one of the popular side hustles below to have some fun while padding your purse!

Design Jewellery

There’s nothing like receiving a compliment on a beautiful necklace or bracelet. If you are a fashionista with a steady hand, you can create a pretty decent side hustle making jewellery. Stand out on the Internet and at community craft fairs by coming up with a concept and designing custom works. Boho style jewellery, whimsical pop culture pieces and medieval-themed baubles are a few top sellers.

All it takes to get started is a trip to the craft store or go online. Jewellery-making supplies like pliers, beads and wire can be found for under £20 online. Set a budget for your first batch so you don’t go overboard on your first haul. After you sell your initial pieces, you can decide if you’d like to upgrade your charms and chain materials. You can sell in local markets and baby fairs, or set up an Etsy online store.

Make Candles and Wax Melts

Candles are a mainstay in the world of gifting, making it a side hustle that you can almost bank on. The latest trend is fragranced wax melts, for using in a burner. They are so easy to create and if you package them nicely you’re on to a winner. To create a successful candle-making business, you’ll need to combine your natural talent with quality wax and standout scents. Invest in all-natural or organic materials, including the wick. You can get the whole kit, or individual components. It’s also important to find essential oils that marry well with others.

Experiment with colour and aroma combinations before taking your candles to market. Some of the most beloved scent profiles among fellow mums include fresh, sweet and floral. Try your flavors out in the home or give them away for a few friends to pilot. Once you have the right product, you can package it in a gorgeous glass jar and sell them in your Etsy shop, in stores and at neighbourhood events. Don’t forget Facebook selling sites and groups too.

Repurpose Furniture

If your kind of crafting involves upcycling, recycling or complete transformation, consider reimagining popular home items. Cheap end tables, desks and dining room chairs are available at nearly every garage sale and charity shop. Some people give them away, check Freecycle and Facebook local groups. What you do to the furniture depends on your style and skill level. Common projects include reupholstering and painting.

Once your project is complete, you can sell it for a profit. Some savvy mums like to take their finished products to craft expos and antique shows, while others offer them online. You can even market the most quality works to local boutiques. Be sure to consider the time and materials it took to finish the furniture when pricing and haggling. In just a few hours a month, you can make up to hundreds of pounds.

Produce Bath Soaps

mum making soap to make extra money

Now that more women than ever desire natural ingredients and cruelty-free products, homemade bath items are seeing a resurgence. DIY soaps are even popular enough to fill entire brick-and-mortar stores. You can have your smaller slice of the pie by making your soaps at home.

Grab a few moulds from the craft store to make a variety of fun shapes and then infuse your coconut oil- or almond-based oil soap with relaxing scents like lavender, vanilla and peppermint. You can even add herbs such as rosemary and basil.

Make Wreaths

Door wreaths are not just for the holiday season. Drive up and down the streets of your neighbourhood and you’ll see rows of homes with decorative wreaths year round. Purchase bare wreaths in different colours, like white and brown. Next, adopt a seasonal approach, developing unique designs based on whether you are crafting in the middle of summer or right before Thanksgiving.

Brightly coloured flowers, metallic birds and Easter eggs are all great starting points for spring. Beach themes as well as red, white and blue schemes are perfect for summer. Capitalise on holidays later in the year, such as Halloween and Christmas. You can even create evergreen designs made with plastic ferns, faux succulents and gemstones.

Customise Clothing

mum making clothes to make extra money

Mums who like working with a blank canvas can make a little cash upgrading clothing items. Blank tees, baby Onesies® and denim jackets are just a few of the types of garments that can go from basic to bling with some inspiration and effort. To begin, order several cotton or organic cotton pieces from your favourite online store. You can also try charity shopping for more expensive items.

Embellish the textiles with crystals, patches and sewn accents. Market them as unique and original to generate a buzz, letting buyers know you can even make a custom piece for the right price. Some clever entrepreneurs take advantage of their community’s interests, offering the clothing in local sports team colours.

Fabricate Wood Art

Wood art gifts and home goods are trending. If you don’t mind putting down the glue gun and picking up a saw, you may have just found a new interest. Wooden letters and shapes can be painted or stained in any hue and then combined to make everything from name plaques for a baby’s nursery to commemorative anniversary pieces.

Come up with an idea and then create a prototype. If it works, make more to sell on the Internet. As with clothing or nearly any other craft on this list, you can offer custom orders to generate more cash.

Taking Care of Baby—and Business

You can work on each of these ideas while baby is napping, or even when your toddler is spending time with your spouse. Best of all, you can start and stop as needed—there’s no pressure involved. Try a combination of online and in-person sales until you know what works. Enjoy the extra money, and who knows—someday your side hustle could turn into a full-fledged business!

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If you’re a crafty mum, you can use your talents to make extra money. Discover which type of side hustle is best for you whilst taking care of the kids. 
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June 14, 2019
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