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A few years ago we made the best decision as a family. We don’t get gifts for the wider family adults – the Aunts and Uncles basically. None of us need more pamper products or scarves. Well, maybe not. So why am I even writing this gift guide? Because there are still those adults to buy for like parents, in-laws, and random people that are soooo hard. I’ve taken inspiration from things I’d like to receive, and also what others have said would be nice. It’s all individual of course, so think about the person you have in mind and what they might like to buy, but wouldn’t normally treat themselves to. Here we go with the list, hopefully it gives you some inspiration for those adults that are hard to buy for.

For the Culinary enthusiast

Who’s their favourite chef? Do they have their latest book? All the chefs tend to market themselves a new book out for Christmas so this is a safe bet. Are they a cheese lover? A new cheese board for Christmas makes a great gift. I love this one from Tru Bamboo with a hidden drawer and cheese knives built in.

For added effect try these ceramic food labellers with a gold pen. They wipe clean and you can use them for labelling anything from cheese to cakes.

For the home body

You can’t go wrong with some really nice candles in a large jar. Other ideas are a nice cosy blanket, a hot water bottle, hat and gloves set or a wax melt set and burner. For something different, if they like wine get them an air drying wine glass drying rack, it leaves the glasses super streak free.

For women

Time to relax is what women want, so a babysitting voucher that you will fulfil is great for Mums, or a spa voucher for busy working women. Failing that, get them to create a home spa environment with a satin sleep mask, candles and some essential oils. Pop them in a gift basket with a bottle of bubbly or some herbal teas and she’ll be well away.

For men

Experience days are good for men, but they will need a nudge to actually book it, so how about you arrange something to do together. If they like craft beer, or whatever their tipple, there are lots of subscription boxes out there. If they are into grooming themselves, how about a beard box or some high end skincare. A decent jumper or shirt will always go down well. Failing that pants and socks are boring but always needed.

For the adventurer

I went to Go Ape a couple of years ago and it was amazing. Not for those scared of heights, but it was so good to push myself and a great day out. Alternatives could be a red letter day voucher for an experience day, or an entry into an obstacle race. Something you can do together is always fun, and then you have something to look forward to.

Need more inspiration? Try my gift guide for men over 40, Great British Bake off lovers gift guide, and gift guide for 9 year old boys.

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November 19, 2019
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    Love the cheese board…..quality looks great in the pics

    November 23, 2019 at 1:51 pm
    • Reply Midwife and Life

      It’s a really good quality piece

      November 25, 2019 at 10:28 am

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