Am I Vitamin D Deficient?

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Now that summer is over and grey days are fast becoming the norm, did you know you are at risk of vitamin D deficiency? Most people who live in the UK do get a form of mild vitamin D deficiency over the winter, due to less exposure to UVB rays from the sun. Sometimes it’s just not strong enough to penetrate through cloud cover, sunscreen, makeup with SPF and clothing. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) estimate that vitamin D deficiency in the UK affects one in 5 adults and one in 6 children. That equates to over 10 million of us! Vitamin D is in some foods – fortified cereal, eggs, cheese and tuna for example, but we would need to eat a lot of those foods to get our daily quota. The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) recommends that everyone supplement vitamin D during autumn and winter months.

How do I know if I am deficient in Vitamin D?

The signs of being deficient in vitamin D are: frequent coughs and colds, tiredness and fatigue, low mood, achy muscles, poor bone and tooth health. Low levels of vitamin D have also been associated with many chronic health conditions. People who have pernicious anaemia are likely to be vitamin D deficient too. I will be talking about getting my vitamin D tested later, click here if you’re interested in testing yours.

Who should take vitamin D supplements?

The department of health recommends that these ‘at risk’ groups take a vitamin D supplement all year round:

  • Infants and young children under 5 years of age
  • All pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Older people aged 65 years and over
  • People with darker skin and those who have low or no exposure to the sun

The best way to take a vitamin D supplement is by mouth orally, with a spray or liquid form. Tablets don’t absorb as as well, and the oral spray gets into the bloodstream straight away. I’ve been sent this fab range by Better You, called the DLux vitamin D oral spray range. I’ve had drops before, but I genuinely find the spray easier to administer. It tastes minty fresh, so it’s perfect before or after brushing my teeth in the morning. It’s become part of my daily routine. The tablets and multivitamins you get don’t contain enough vitamin D if you have a deficiency. I also suffer from low folate, vitamin B12 and anaemia, together with depression. It’s all linked as you can imagine. Since getting my supplementation right it’s made a big difference in my mood and energy levels. I still get tired, suffer from some anxiety and overwhelm, but it’s not as all consuming as it used to be.

About Better You

Better You are a UK company with research and natural methods at it’s core. They have a whole range of spray supplements such as magnesium, iron and B12, a vegan bundle, along with the vitamin D sprays. Best of all they offer a testing kit so you can find out your levels. I had a kit which was really easy to use, just a pin prick of blood put onto a special blotting paper and sent off with a prepaid envelope. I had the results within a week, with really clear, easy to read results and an exact number so I could see how close to being deficient I was. They came back as just past the ‘adequate’ range, but I know this will drop over winter. It’s great to know my starting point before starting the supplements. I can then retest if I feel the symptoms creeping back.

They offer a range of different vitamin D sprays, from babies to alternative strengths according to your needs. My eldest son William, who’s 9 is a bit like me, a tendency to be pale and prone to fatigue, so I’ve been giving him the 3+ spray. He does it himself now, it’s a milder minty taste.

You can buy the sprays or the testing kits direct from the Better you website here, they ship worldwide.

Do you think you might be in need of vitamin D supplements? I’m happy to answer any questions I can, if I can’t I will find out for you.

Disclosure: I was gifted the vitamin D sprays and the testing kit. All opinions my own.

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  • Reply Debbie O’Connor

    I think I’m OK as I get out most days for a walk with my dogs and don’t wear SPF. But my children and hubby are definitely indoors for the whole of daytime at this time of year – I may look out for sprays for them
    Debbie O’Connor recently posted…By: angela kaykaysMy Profile

    November 8, 2018 at 10:27 am
  • Reply Newcastle Family Life

    Oh after reading this I think I might be Vitamin D deficient as I have a lot of these symptoms and have even started losing hair x

    November 8, 2018 at 2:57 pm
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