The Various Baby Dreams and What They Mean About Your Life

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You may feel strange after waking up from having a dream about babies. There is a positive meaning behind these dreams even though they can be scary and make you uncomfortable. Our dreams can be interpreted as our subconscious talking to us. When dreaming of babies it usually has some kind of purity meaning or innocence. Sometimes it can be said that they reflect certain parts of your life that are either immature or are growing.

Some women dream of babies right before becoming pregnant and this can be a tell-all for the new life coming their way. Some women also dream of babies when they are constantly thinking about being pregnant due to them having issues like infertility or loneliness. You may also be afraid of babies or of becoming pregnant and this can spark the baby dream. They are especially known to be had after having unprotected sex and not wanting to be pregnant.

There are various types of dreams and they all mean different things. Baby dreams can happen to you regardless if you are childless or if you have a whole family, it is possible for you to have a dream with babies in it or about a baby in general.

Holding a baby

Dreams of holding a baby usually represent a time when someone else depended upon you and you had a rather large responsibility. You may have felt like someone needed you at a moment in the past and it had an effect on you. Did it make you feel good or bad? Think more about any past situations like this and figure out why it could be coming up in your subconscious.

A crying baby

A crying baby in your dreams can mean that there is a part of yourself that you need to pay more attention to. Some areas in our lives and within ourselves that we neglect and need to nurture and take care of. Dreams like this sort of put a pointer on where we are forgetting about our own needs. It’s important that if you want babies in the future that you can take care of yourself so you are ready and prepared to take care of it.

A laughing baby

When the baby in your dream is laughing for some reason it can be because you are experiencing a happy moment in your life. It symbolizes satisfaction you may have at being rewarded for something you’ve worked hard for.  

A sick baby

Dreaming of a baby being sick can symbolise a set back you may have in life. Whether it be in love or in work or in friendship, there will be a reversal of some kind to help you learn what you didn’t learn before. It also means that there is an issue between you and a friend or lover that you must recognise.

An evil baby

Having a dream where a baby is evil can be freaky and frightening but don’t worry it just means that you’re afraid of something in your life or fear the result of something. If you’ve started a new project, maybe you’re afraid of failing or what’s to come next. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by something and it is bothering your subconscious because it may be scaring you deep down.

An evil baby dream can also mean that you have a dark quality about yourself that you have hidden.

A dead baby

Dead babies in dreams are even more frightening but usually means that something about you has been lost or the death of your hope or motivations. You may be close to losing something that is important to you or something that matters to your well-being.

A talking baby

When a baby is talking in your dream it can be especially ominous due to the fact that there may someone out there plotting against you or someone who is going to do wrong by you. This dream should cause you to be on the lookout and pay attention to who is around you and who you think may have ill intentions toward you.

Being the baby

Being a baby in your own dream is a rare one but can be interpreted as a need you may have to be cared for by someone else or by yourself. Maybe you are being immature without realising it or that you need some guidance.

Finding a baby

The meaning behind finding a baby in your dream is that you’ve found a talent and are finally starting to accept it and the possibilities behind it. They’ve been hidden somewhere and finding them can spark a dream like this one. After having this type it should make you want to act on your talents and think more about your potential. Your subconscious is telling you that you need to place more focus on improving your skills.

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May 24, 2019
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