11 Things to Consider When Taking a Babymoon – Number 3 is a must!

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What is a Babymoon? No, it’s not a holiday you take with your baby, it’s when you and your partner take that last holiday as a couple together before all hell breaks loose you enjoy being a family. There has been growing interest in Babymoon holidays, seen by a 52% increase in online searches over the last 3 years, and even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a Babymoon to Morocco.

The team at LOVEHOLIDAYS has created a handy online tool to help pregnant customers choose a destination for a pre-baby holiday based around their due date, how long they want to fly and what type of holiday they are looking for. ¬†This unique Babymoon tool helps guide customers to a range of holiday options that are suitable. If you’re lucky enough to be able to do it, there are some things to consider before you get too gung ho with the travel arrangements.

1. Are you fit to fly?

The ideal time to travel is from 14 weeks to 27 weeks, although you can travel outside of these times, as long as your insurance, airline and holiday company are happy. They will be happy as long as your medical provider (Midwife or Doctor) has written a letter for you, declaring you fit to fly. After 35 weeks isn’t advised. Consider how long you’ll be away too. For more information on flying during pregnancy, click here for my guide.

2. Length of flight/ journey

It’s best to choose your destination wisely, flights over four hours will leave you at an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and at best will be an uncomfortable journey. The same goes for long car or train journeys, make sure you take regular stretches and breaks.

3. Don’t forget the sunscreen

If you’re going anywhere remotely warm, please don’t forget the sunscreen. During pregnancy you’re at an increased risk of sun damage, your skin is more susceptible, so slap it on!

4. Wardrobe malfunctions

If you’ve planned your babymoon in advance, make sure your maternity wardrobe is up to date, you don’t want to be bulging out of your summer wardrobe, or shivering because you can’t do your coat up. Click here for your essential maternity capsule wardrobe.

5. Don’t forget your notes

Even if you’re not that far along, if you have hand held maternity notes, take them with you. That way, if you have to see a doctor or go to hospital on your babymoon you’ve got your medical history and pregnancy details with you.

6. Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

Don’t skimp on the travel insurance. It shouldn’t be any more expensive than standard, but it’s a must for your babymoon.

7. Watch the food

On holiday in a foreign country there is different food which is wonderful, but make sure you don’t get too adventurous, and check for the foods you need to avoid. Other countries might not have the same restrictions, and even a stomach upset could trigger uterine contractions.

8. Notify your airline

Tell your airline you’re pregnant. They may not care until you’re over 35 weeks, but it’s better safe than sorry, and get that fit to fly letter.

9. Make it relaxing

Don’t to a whistle stop tour or anything too active, unless that’s your bag. If you’re an active person and have stayed active during pregnancy, there’s no reason not to go full out on an activity holiday. With small children and babies you may not be able to do that again for a while.

10. Stay hydrated

Keep up your fluid levels. Travel is so drying, and lack of fluids can bring on constipation, cause a UTI and it’s so good for overall health and blood flow.

11. Make your luggage work for you

Have a suitcase or bag on wheels, and streamline your luggage so you just have a small hand bag and a wheely case. It’s a great excuse to get a new suitcase.

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April 30, 2019
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