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For some people starting a blog is just a way of having a creative outlet for their thoughts and ideas. However, any blog can quickly become something that makes you good money and either starts to be a secondary career or even your main source of income. Depending on how you approach the basics of setting up your blog and then handle growth, you could have a website on your hands that will generate enough income to become a leader in your chosen subject matter. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make some cash from your writing.


It makes sense to start from the beginning of your blog so that you can be sure that you have set yourself for the future in the best way. And with that in mind, the very first thing you should do is think about what you are going to write about; have a topic that you are confident writing about, or that you have an expertise in. There needs to be a reason for people to visit your blog and that will be based on your subject as well as your writing style. Use web based support from sites like Grammarly to ensure you are producing high-quality writing.

Next up you should look into the platform that you are going to use. The most popular blog hosting site is WordPress. If you are looking to make a profit in the future with your blog then you should choose a WordPress blog and use a hosting service like TSOHost, the one I use.

Once you have set up the basics of your blog it is time to design and start writing. Before you start sending people to your website you should have a few blogs written and be happy with your layout.    

Your Audience

It should go without saying that to make money through your blog, you are going to need readers. There are several ways to get an audience on your site and they include the following methods:

Social Media

Blogging is another form of social media, but what we are referring to here are the networks like Facebook and Twitter. The topic you have chosen to write about is going to have a community of people discussing it on social media channels, or it might have a hashtag that you should be following. Being a part of the conversation is vital to the success of your blog because by interacting with like-minded users, you can direct them to your blog and create a readership.

Make sure you include a link to your blog in all of your social media biographies and links to your social media on your blog. Encourage users to share your posts with relevant hashtags so that your blog becomes synonymous with the community.

Guest Blogging

Before starting your blog, you should get out there and read other blogs or forums for advice. Something you can do to boot your own readership while creating good relationships within the blogging sphere is offer guest blogging opportunities. This works for both parties because it allows you to hitch a ride on their wagon, and it provides the blogger an opportunity to diversify their writing portfolio.

Bring In Money

Now the important bit, how to get the money rolling in. Well, we are working on the premise here that you have followed the above steps and now have a reasonable readership, or are at least working your way up to one. Two of the most popular ways of monetising a blog include Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM) advertising.


PPC refers to the type of advertising that pays the hosting website per number of clicks on the ad. These are typically the type of adverts bloggers start off with because they often don’t require a minimum number initial guaranteed visitors.


Also known as cost per thousand or cost per mille, CPM is the term used for advertising that pays out per number of impressions or visitors to a web page.

These are just two ways that you can start building up your revenue and there are other options available as well. Affiliate links and contributed posts are also ways that you can start bringing in cash for your content. One thing to remember is that this is not an overnight process, you are working on a blog in the same way people work on a business. You need to build it up from the ground, but one day you might be like some of the many successful blogs out there hiring employees, using contract management to assist their practices and growing to heights you never thought possible. Just have patience.

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