Blogging Goal Setting and Goal Getting – Q2 ’17

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So, we’re well into quarter two and I’m a bit behind on reviewing my goals. C’est La Vie. I feel more focused than ever though, and my blog and everything associated with it still keeps my creative juices flowing, my business head whirring and gives me a reason to keep going. Let’s look at the goals I set myself last quarter:

Reach 30000 monthly pageviews – I’ve struggled a little with pageviews, they remain consistently above 10000, but I can’t seem to get them much higher. I’ve recently signed up to Tailwind, which is seeing some results through the tribe function. I know I should probably join in with sharing threads more, but they are quite time consuming, and if I have to rely on them, it doesn’t make it very organic growth.

Reach 20000 combined social media following – I’m getting there, I’m now up to just under 17000

Market research my Breastfeeding preparation course – check. I have the research I need now.

Write and launch my Breastfeeding Preparation for Success Free Ecourse – I started well on this but hit some stumbling blocks. I know they’re excuses really. I have the knowledge and the research, but I’m struggling with that old chestnut, time. I have to do the meat and veg parts of my blog and complete sponsored work to get money, so the building blocks for the future get left behind. I am also daunted by the format – do I offer it on a teachable style platform, an email course or direct on my blog? I’m over thinking it really, and now I’ve got convertkit, I’m finding it a lot easier to offer it as an email course, say 8 emails over a month. The plan is to offer a basic free course with an opt-in for a more involved course or eBook at the end.

Publish my ebook for Amy’s Story – so far I’ve exported all the raw content into a document and have begun editing it. It’s difficult for me to go through it again, so I have to be in the right frame of mind to do it. I’m happy I’ve made a start though.

Make a start on designing a pregnancy planner – I have done nothing towards this! I think this means I really don’t have time for it at the moment, but it remains something I may do in the future.

Increase my blog subscribers/ email signups to 600 total – I’m up to 250, but it’s growing a bit better now I have convertkit and I’m offering a free birth plan template as an opt in.

Get a second payout from Google Adsense – I’m close, a lot closer than last year. I will probably get a payout in the next month.

Work more for no-follow links – I’m now more choosy about what I accept, particularly guest posts. I’ve got a couple of big brand collaborations coming up which mean I’m going in the right direction.

Work as an Extra more – things seem to have gone quiet on the extras front, I got put up for Eastenders but didn’t get it – so disappointing!

Get a paid vlog/youtube video – success here too, although it’s part of an instagram and video package, it’s a start. I’ve also got a video to do for the Early Learning Centre, who sent us a trampoline (no payment).

So, on to this quarter’s goals…

  1. Work on increasing my page views to 25000/month. This is what’s needed to work with Mediavine, who pay more than adsense with consistent payouts. How – nail my promotion better, write good shareable content, work on my social media growth.
  2. Increase my subscriber count to 500. I’m going to add to my opt ins and create landing pages for them so I can share them in more places.
  3. Grow my Facebook page by doubling my page likes (I currently have 1360). I have been spurred on to boost my Facebook presence. It’s my favourite social media and a great way to reach people. I’m revamping my page and I’m working on a kick-ass schedule that I’m going to prepare in advance and set time aside each week for. I’m sourcing some awesome prizes to do a Facebook giveaway. I’ve also started a parenting and pregnancy Facebook group to link in with my page and I’m really enjoying it. Feel free to join!
  4. Affiliates – I’m still slow on making anything from affiliate marketing, but I’m beginning to understand it. I’m making some affiliate pins for pinterest and I share some on Facebook, but it’s hard not to look spammy on there.
  5. Finish editing my story for the Ebook and get it published.
  6. I’ve had an idea for an Ebook that will hopefully be my number one product and it may take me a while to get the finished product. It will be ‘How to have a positive birth’ – what do you think? It won’t be a prescriptive book on how to have the perfect no-pain-relief-waterbirth, more about how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for birth and how to cope with changes that may arise. It will also talk about coping with complications, premature births, how to have a positive induction and more. My aim is to make a start, even if it’s just an outline and chapter planning.

I could go on and on about what I’d like to achieve, but it won’t be achievable. I’m still going to be doing my regular blog work and organic posts (building up my database), building my other social media networks and trying to post a video a week.

It's time to review my blog and business goals and set new ones - who's with me?!

What do you think of my list? How are you doing with your goals? All comments welcome.


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  • Reply Wave to Mummy

    I think these are great goals and I wish you the best in achieving them! The breastfeeding course sounds like a really valuable resource to all new mummas!

    May 13, 2017 at 12:07 pm
  • Reply Angela

    Great goals. I am working towards the page views myself. I have a good Pinterest reach which is helping, but I need to work on other means of organic traffic.

    May 21, 2017 at 10:14 am
    • Reply Midwife and Life

      I am trying different strategies at the moment and seeing what works

      May 21, 2017 at 10:21 am

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