My Blogging Goals for 2020

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I don’t like setting new year’s resolutions or unrealistic goals, but I do like to set some for the coming year for my business. Financially it’s been a good year, I’ve increased my revenue by 50% on last year and I hope to do the same next year. The down side is I’ve had to pay more tax! Maybe it’s time to get an accountant.

Increase my blog traffic

Traffic wise it’s been stagnant, which in a way is a good thing, I’ve remained consistent, but I really want it to increase. Some might say it doesn’t matter if you’re making an income, but my goal is to have more passive income and if I increase my traffic I get more passive income from the ads on my site. In particular, I could get access to mediavine, an ad agency that pay more for the ads on a blog, but you need 25k sessions (according to google analytics) and mine are a paltry 5k.

I get around 7500-8000 page views a month. I promote on all social media platforms and I get most of my traffic through search engines and Pinterest, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram coming along behind. I also get referrals from other websites that mention me. My aim is by this time next year to double my traffic, which won’t bring me to the required amount but it will be a step in the right direction. How will I do this? Here’s a breakdown of my traffic strategy:

  • Host more giveaways, at least one a month
  • Re-visit Ready Set Blog for Traffic
  • Promote existing and new content
  • Make new pins to share from popular posts
  • Fix broken links
  • SEO old posts

Create a proper work space

This year we plan to extend our mortgage and start our long awaited extension. We put it off last year because my health wasn’t so good and I didn’t know how much I’d be able to work, but as things have stabilised and my work life balance is the best it’s been in years, this is the year we will apply and hopefully begin work on the extension.

It will give us a bigger kitchen (which we so need), a utility room where the old kitchen is, a downstairs toilet and a loft extension which will house the master suite with an en suite and an office. That will also allow each child to have their own room. I can’t wait to have my own office space with bespoke furniture. Well I can dream!

Focus on my email list

Last year I cleaned up my email list by removing inactive subscribers. I had around 1500 and was paying a monthly fee to my email provider, Mailerlite. I got it down to 400 or so, and am now on the free plan still (for under 1000 subscribers) with over 500 subscribers. It might not sound like it makes sense to delete subscribers, but if they aren’t reading your emails or clicking your posts or products, you need to delete them. I now have a higher open rate and more engagement, plus I’m not paying for dead subscribers.

I finally wrote my welcome series for my pregnancy subscribers, and it helps to connect to my audience much better. I had a bit of help from the email marketing fairy, because everything I wrote just seemed trite. I definitely recommend Kate, for around Β£20 ($37) you get a whole load of email templates that you can adapt to suit your needs and if I’m ever stuck what to send I go back to the swipe file. I want to make more out of email marketing this year again. I send out a weekly RSS email but I’d really like to schedule a proper weekly email that’s more personal. I will aim to schedule in some time for this every week.

Make a shop page

I already have an amazon influencer store, and my plan is to bulk this out more and make it more specific, with more categories. I will then link to it from my shop page.

Write an antenatal course

This has long been a goal of mine and I keep putting it off! I get imposter syndrome and also I get busy with paid work and don’t seem to have the time or the energy to put into it. This year I’m going to simplify it. I’m going to make it a free email course, and see how it goes. I will take note of feedback and see if anyone actually wants it. I will aim to monetise it with affiliate links. If it pays for itself I may develop it more. I am also an affiliate to an antenatal course so I can always link to that too as a more in depth version.

I think that’s enough to be getting on with! What are your blogging/ business goals this year? How will you achieve them?

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January 3, 2020
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    They seem like some fab goals for 2020. Good luck reaching them.
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