Blogtober day 3: A few random thoughts

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I’ve been at work today doing my other job: a nurse in a care home. It always makes me quite philosophical after a day there. There’s something about being with people who are fragile, vulnerable and at the end of their lives that makes you reflective.

My only hope if and when I’m in that situation that I am looked after by such amazing carers as the ones we have in our home. They work so hard for minimum wage.

One of the activity coordinators came in with her Bassett hound today who she’s waiting to see if she’s pregnant. She told us how she and her family had to support them mating due to their stocky but unstable bodies – it sounded hilarious!

There’s a western themed day going on tomorrow and they built a full on saloon with hay bales and everything. Some of the residents liked it more than others, whereas some get freaked out by the change. They all love music though.

Music is such a leveller, even if a lot of the brain and memory is seemingly gone, play a familiar tune and they will sing along and tap their feet.

I miss my children when I’m at work, more than I do than if I was off shopping or chilling at home. I always give them an extra tight squeeze when I see them in the car. They pick me up from work you see. I head out after my 12 hour shift to see them practically hanging out of the car window, pyjamas on shouting MUMMY! at the top of their voices. As if I could miss them. I’m exhausted, but I make time for their chatter and laughter, and tuck them into bed.

See you tomorrow,

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October 3, 2019
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    It sounds like you work at a wonderful home, you do hear some horror stories. The western themed day sounds like a lot of fun x
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    October 3, 2019 at 8:27 pm
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