Breastfeeding Mums Find confidence to share ‘Brelfies’ in Tree of Life Trend – Plus How to Make Yours

Breastfeeding Mums Find confidence to share ‘Brelfies’ in Tree of Life Trend – Plus How to Make Yours

Yesterday I stumbled accross a gorgeous picture on one of my breastfeeding Facebook groups. I’ve seen similar pictures before, but as painted or graphic artworks, not ones you can knock up yourself. When they said they’d made it using an app I quickly scanned down and found out how to make my own – would it look as good? Answer – yes!


The secret’s in the app – PicsArt. This app has soared up the charts thanks to the tree of life trend going viral. Today it’s updated itself and has cottoned on to what women in their droves are doing, by adding it’s own tree of life stickers to add and suggesting you make your own picture, so you don’t even need to search for the tree picture like I did initially. Very clever!

Here’s how to make your own: Download the PicsArt app, it should look like this, there may be a few copycat ones out so make sure it’s the right one. It’s a great app and you’ll be able to use it for loads more than just this.

Within the app there are stickers you can use. At the moment on their main opening page there’s an invitation to make your own breastfeeding tree of life picture, and to download the tree of life stickers. You need to register, you can do it through Facebook or sign up. It’s free, and free to download the sticker pack, where there are quite a few different trees to choose from. I’ve been blown away by the beauty of everyone’s pictures. An ordinary shot is transformed into something quite magical.

Then you choose a photo to edit. A quick selfie, or ‘Brelfie’ as they’re known will do. You can have yourself in it or just the baby and the boob, whatever you prefer. Then add sticker and choose your favourite tree picture. You can rotate, re-size the tree to how you want it. Then comes the fun part – the magic. Hit the magic button and there are lots of effects to choose from. Popular ones for this viral trend is the Rainbow effect and the Midnight effect, but they’re all worth having a play around with. Once you’re happy you can save it to your device and if you like, share to your social media of choice. My rainbow one at the top of the page is made from a combination of Midnight and Rainbow, as I found the Rainbow on it’s own made me look ancient with lots of lines!

This one I made with the Sketchy effect:

When Daniel’s home with me he often needs a little afternoon nap and if I say to him ‘Boo-Boo Sleep?’ he’ll say yes and crawl into my lap. A couple of minutes on the boob and he’s asleep. I think that’s why I’ve kept going for as long! It’s so easy. When he cuts that sleep we’ll probably stop breastfeeding. That’s my favourite feed. When he’s mucking about and twisting around and whacking me, not so much…

What I love is that women everywhere are making and sharing theirs, when they wouldn’t normally have the confidence. Some are sharing for the first time. Women are still afraid to share their normal feeding picures on social media for fear of a backlash. This has given women confidence to share and made it more mainstream. It’s not about forcing anyone to breastfeed or making women who bottle feed feel guilty, it’s just an artistic expression of breastfeeding. For me, it’s a beautiful expression of how I feel when I’m feeding, that I’m providing love, knowledge, warmth and comfort as well as nutrition. You feel the milk flowing into them and they love it so much. The tree roots reflect how the milk ducts look inside, another reason it’s so popular. I’m soon to be winding down my breastfeeding, that’s the plan, and it’s so nice to be able to have these reminders of the bond we share.

I’ve collected some of my favourites from my friends who’ve kindly given me permission to share their amazing pictures. From small babies:


To bigger babies and toddlers:

Plus some beautiful sibling photos and tandem breastfeeding shots:

I love this one of the mum enjoying her cheeky wine alongside feeding, something I’m fond of doing!

And this one gets Dad in on the action – although he’s asleep…

My bottle feeding friend felt a bit left out of the trend and she made her own with her drink of sustenance and life giving fluid! Via Mumsy Midwife.

As it’s Christmas, I’ll leave you with a festive one. Enjoy!


Thank you to my friends for sharing their pictures with me xxx

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