Children’s Big Bird Gift Box by Boxwild: a review

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Giving back to the environment and getting the children involved is such a lovely thing to do. We paint our own birdhouse and fill the bird seed feeder.

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We end up with a lot of toys in our house, so it’s really nice to get our hands on an alternative gift, one that brings nature and education in. We’ve been wanting some sort of bird feeder or bird table for ages, so Boxwild came to us at just the right time.

Who are Boxwild?

Boxwild is the brainchild of Ben, who has been feeding the birds in his garden with his own seed blend for years and he jokes that they are better fed than his family! He now pours his efforts into creating subscription boxes and gift boxes for the discerning bird watcher and feeder. With luxury bird seed and thoughtfully put together gift boxes, you can find all sorts for different family members.

The Big Bird Children’s Box

Inside the reasonably priced bird themed children’s box (Β£24.99), you get a little wooden bird house with a hook and it’s own set of paints and paintbrush; the boxwild metal and perspex seed feeder; 2 bags of luxury bird seed (boxwild blend and bluetit blend); a metal scoop and an information leaflet. It all comes packaged in a cardboard box with shredded paper, which you can use in your bird house.


We made a video of the children painting the bird house, filling the seed feeder with the 2 different types of seeds and finding the perfect spot. They both wanted to get involved so they took turns in painting and have been eagerly awaiting the birds. The seed level has gone down so I know the birds are enjoying it and so far the cat hasn’t interfered (he’s too fat and lazy anyway). Here’s the video, if you can’t see it below you can watch it on YouTube via this link.

I think it’s a really lovely gift for children this Christmas, or any time of year. They’ll enjoy the activity of painting the birdhouse and making it their own, my children went for the block colour approach, which adds a splash of colour to the otherwise drab window sill of our larder. There’s plenty of seed to keep you going all winter I should imagine. I also have plans to make some bird feeder decorations for Christmas, so check back for those. They then get to enjoy watching the birds being fed, and know that they’re contributing to keeping our rich natural wildlife around for many years to come.


Disclosure: I was compensated for my time in creating this post and video, and received the gift box free of charge. All opinions are my own and honest.

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