Clean eating meals in minutes? Everdine review

Clean eating meals in minutes? Everdine review

We as a family, like everyone else are trying to eat clean and healthy, whilst having busy lives, tight budgets and healthy appetites, it’s hard to achieve. We’ve been testing out the service and quality of Everdine, a meal delivery system, designed with busy professionals and families in mind who want something better than a sugar and fat loaded convenience meal. I’ll be telling you all about the company and our experiences of the meals, plus how you can get £25 off your first order with them (scroll down if you can’t wait!)

What is Everdine?

Their ethos  is to provide clean and wholesome gourmet meals, which are cooked and frozen, then courier-delivered to you. Most meals are ready to eat in around 10 minutes. They promise to make eating clean simple. All the meats and fish they use are sustainably sourced. Basically, you choose your meals and then they are delivered to you – you put them in your freezer and then choose which ones to eat! All the meals can be microwaved, in fact that’s how they recommend heating the meals. Everdine name their chefs as Matt and Viresh, who have trained in Michelin-starred restaurants.

What do you get with Everdine?

We received 8 classic meals, at a cost of £55.20, which works out at £6.90 per meal. It may sound a little bit pricey for some, but if you’re working long hours and you don’t want to cook when you come home, this is a viable option, plus you’d then only need a small top up shop for the week. You can choose from their menu, they have a wide range of options. Here’s what we chose:

Tandoori Salmon with red lentil Dahl

Sea Bream Thai Green Curry

BBQ Pulled Pork with Boston Beans

Coconut Katsu Chicken

Duck with hoi sin and cherry

Chicken Fajitas

Slow cooked beef bolognese

Speckled lentil chilli with parisienne potatoes

My thoughts on the Everdine meals

You can tell from the menu titles that they’re tapping into the current food trends. Each meal was ready in under 10 minutes from freezer to plate. Some of them had extras like tortillas, parmesan and coconut crunch. They were, quite frankly a godsend, and so handy to have, I miss them now they’re gone! What I worried about was – would there be enough? I don’t like to feel hungry after I’ve eaten so I like to have a healthy portion, and when something is being billed as clean eating, small portions spring to mind. I was pleasantly surprised, the portions were enough, and the food groups they used meant I was left full and satisfied. I also felt very virtuous, knowing that the ingredients were all healthy and designed to do me good. Even the spaghetti bolognese was made with slow cooked beef, no mince in sight, and along with the spaghetti were some squash-etti and courgette ribbons, so I was getting my veg quota too. My favourite was the coconut katsu curry and the duck, which was delicious. I was also concerned about the green veg, how would it come out, was it going to be mushy or overcooked? They weren’t as good as fresh, but they retained their colour and taste well. I can honestly say they were the best microwave ready meals I’ve had. Here’s a couple of pictures:

Get your £25 discount Voucher for Everdine!

When you go to the Everdine website via this link, you’ll be prompted to redeem your £25.20, so if you get a box of 8 meals like mine, you’d be getting them for £30, which works out at £3.75 per meal – a bargain! If you like them, you can continue your subscription, or you can cancel at any time.


Disclosure: we got the Everdine box for free in return for my open and honest review.

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