Continuing Your Career After Having Kids- How Can it be Done?

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When it comes to career, as women we definitely have a disadvantage over our male counterparts. As incredible, amazing and miraculous as it is carrying and giving birth to a child, doing so takes time and this is time away from the career you’ve built up. Many women then want to (or have to, for financial reasons) take further time off to look after them instead of returning straight to work. Due to things like the gender pay gap, as women we earn less over a lifetime than men- but research shows that on top of this, women earn less after having children even if they have strong credentials. Balancing kids and career is incredibly tricky and something that women all across the globe can struggle with. We might not be on an even playing field when it comes to men and career since it’s us that give birth to our children, and despite things being much more fair and equal these days, in most cases it’s still us women that are the primary caregiver to our children. However, there are a few ways you can maintain your career even after having kids.

Have children later

There are lots of great advantages of having children while you’re a little younger. You’re more fertile, less likely to suffer any complications and, you tend to have more energy and adaptability. However, having children earlier in your career can make it more difficult to come back. Waiting on the other hand gives you chance to build your career. You can gain skills and experience in your role, essentially making yourself harder to replace. You’re much more likely to be able to return to work after a break for maternity, and get back into the swing of your career and working your way up. If your career is really important to you, working hard now and holding off for a few years could make a big difference in the long run.

Study while you’re on leave

One way you can keep building your skills, even when you’re off work for maternity leave or to look after your child is to study. Online accredited courses allow you to move up to the next rung of the ladder, meaning that once you return to work you can apply for higher paid positions. An online fnp degree for example would allow you to study part time in a flexible way. You could do this around raising your baby, and then later down the line when it comes to going back to work you’ve moved forwards instead of staying the same.

Work part time

Finally, many women choose to stay at home to raise their children after having them. However, returning back to work on a part time basis can be a good way to balance both. You’ll earn some extra money and working can help you to maintain your identity as a parent. It keeps your skills sharp, and prevents you from having large gaps in your employment history. By working part time, you essentially get the best of both worlds.

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October 8, 2018
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