Creating a Peaceful Space the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Getting a moments peace in a busy family home sounds like a 1 in a million chance most days, however, having an area you or your children can briefly escape to you for a moment of tranquillity can do wonders for helping with emotional outbursts and calming frustrations. It doesn’t need to be a whole room, although this does help keep any other noise and activity out,but simply a corner or the end of a hallway can be a perfect place to add a cosy little nook. Of course, you can always create a calming space in a child’s room or even your own “seat of solitary” in your own bedroom where you can sit quietly in between rushing around after the kids and getting the rest of the chores done.

Create Comfort with Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are the easiest way to turn a windowsill,hard chair, even a corner of floor into a cosy, comfortable paradise that everyone loves to sink into. Whether you use a selection of pillows, fold up a spare duvet, invest in some squishy beanbags or put an armchair in the space, as long as it’s nice to sit on, it’ll work.Having a few extra pillows in the area lets anyone who uses the space build their own “nest” and snuggle down in pure comfort and warmth.

Ease Emotions with Calming Colours

There are entire libraries on the psychology of colour and how it affects our moods and emotions. In particular, cool colours such as blue and green are always recommended for their calming and reinvigorating influences. Consider investing in a coloured plush rug of calming blues that feels wonderfully soft under bare feet or use an off-cut of artificial grass cut to size to create a floor runner or corner rug. You could even go all out and have your walls covered with artificial grass! This will create a lovely sensory surface and if you aren’t sure about doing it yourself, there’s the option to have artificial grass installed by a professional team.

Motivate Minds with Things to Do

Simply having a moment to sit down and relax is the dream of many, but some people find it difficult to relax without having something to do, whether this is reading a book, doing some crafts or surfing the internet.Your “cosy corner” could have a small bookshelf that holds some quiet activities to keep little hands busy or if you are next to a window, you could turn this into a small storage space with a couple of books, a colouring book and pencils or a quiet toy. Clutter is the fastest way to turn a peaceful space into one that has a “chaotic feel” so make sure things are kept tidy and the area doesn’t become overwhelmed with things to do.

Turn Off or Ban Phones

The constant barrage of alerts, notifications, marketing texts and email pings can put us on edge most of the day, even teenagers can feel the pressure when their phone is constantly making a fuss. Consider making your comfortable corner one that is a “phone-free zone” this ensures that if you and your children are sitting nicely together, neither of you disturb the other with electronic distractions and can even use the opportunity to spend some peaceful quality time together.

With a peaceful area in your home, you can encourage a soothing atmosphere throughout the rest of your family home. Especially by inspiring inside, calming voices rather than shouting across the house to each other and speaking to each other in a friendly manner, with no harsh tones. A calmer environment makes for happier moods in both parents and children and improves the time spent together as a family.

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December 21, 2018
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