Décor Tips to Brighten Your Hallway Throughout Winter

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With the hallway being the first part of your home that anyone sees upon entering, you want it to be a space that feels welcoming and has that wow factor. You often find that many people overlook the hall as an area that needs some love and attention, and in doing this you can create a very negative first impression of the house. Your aim is to capture that cosy feel and adopt a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will set the right tone for the rest of your home.

Play with Light Colours

Introducing lighter colours to your interiors is the perfect way to instantly lift the room. Not only do light colours such as cream, white and yellow create a brighter look within a room, they also have a positive impact on your emotions which can help to enhance the overall feel of the room. You want your hall to welcome visitors with open arms, and by incorporating a light colour scheme to the décor you’ll achieve just that. For those wanting to still have pops of bold colour, you can introduce these through your furniture pieces and decorative touches, whilst keeping the base of the room fresh and bright.

Enhance Natural Light

Throughout the winter months it’s very difficult to make the most of the natural lighting, especially when we experience dark mornings and even darker evenings. In order to really brighten up your hallway, you need to enhance the natural light that you receive and make it really work. Introducing certain furniture pieces such as mirrors and reflective surfaces are ideal for catching the natural light and filtering it through the rest of the hall, giving your home a beautiful glow. You can also do simple things such as keeping the blinds fully up or curtains completely open, washing the windows to allow as much light as possible to filter through and also opening up doors to other rooms to enable that light to flow through into the hall too.

Fresh Furniture Finds

Your hallway should be an area of the home where you can take your shoes off, hang your coat and even sit down for a moment to read the latest letter you received in the post, and in order to do all of this with ease you need to have the right furniture pieces. It’s difficult to get the right balance in the hall, as you don’t want to overcrowd the space, yet it still needs to be easily used and practical. Focus on investing in the right kind of hall furniture, including a neat console table, a stylish chair and some discreet pegs for those coats, scarves and umbrellas. Once you have the right furniture pieces within your hall, you’ll instantly notice a lift in the atmosphere, with each furniture piece bringing its own touch of character.

Flooring Features

Keeping the flooring in your hall practical is always a main priority, as it’s guaranteed to be the one room in the house that has the most people walking through. Having a durable flooring option for your hall, such as laminate or stone is really beneficial as not only will it help to keep the room clean and fresh, but it will also lift the atmosphere and create a stunning aesthetic. It’s easy to choose the right kind of flooring, as all you need is some high-quality flooring material accompanied by beautiful walls and stylish furniture pieces to finish off the look perfectly.

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February 21, 2018
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