Decorating a Playroom on a Tight Budget

Decorating a Playroom on a Tight Budget

If you are on a tight budget, finding the cash for home decor can be a headache. However, there are ways to freshen up your house without having to spend a fortune. Today, we are going to look at ways to turn a small space, for example your spare room, into a comfortable play area for your kids.

Decorating the walls

Fortunately, paint does not cost much. In some areas, you can even pick up other people’s discarded paint, and use it free of charge.

The way these schemes work is that when someone decorates their home and has paint left over, they donate it to one of these recycling schemes. This stops the paint, which contains potentially harmful chemicals, from ending up in landfill, and gives someone the chance to get their hands on free paint. It’s such a great idea! Just click this link to see an example of one of these schemes, and find out how to find something similar in your area.

Painted walls can easily be jazzed up using wall stickers, or murals that you paint yourself. If you are not an artist, don’t worry, because simple shape designs, like different coloured interlocking squares, can look just as good as cartoon characters. Another option is to paint a wall black and turn it into a huge chalkboard for the kids to enjoy.

Low cost flooring

When decorating a room one of the biggest expenses homeowners face is flooring. Fortunately, new manufacturing techniques mean that it is no longer difficult to find good quality, yet affordable materials. Firms like the Discount Flooring Depot specialise in laminate and engineered wood floors, which are durable, but cheap. Importantly, this type of flooring is also non-slip, and easy to clean. Both of which you need in a room that your kids are going to use.

It is best to avoid rugs in a playroom, and it is especially important to choose a non-slip finish. You also need to opt for something that is easy to keep clean. Usually laminate flooring is a good choice. It is affordable, looks good, can be bought in an anti-slip finish, and is easy to keep clean.

Good quality storage

For a playroom, storage is always an important consideration. When the kids are little, plastic storage containers, with lids make the most sense. They are stackable, and easy to keep clean. You can keep their favourites in one and leave it somewhere that is easy for them to reach. If you do choose to stack them, put them somewhere out of their reach, so that they do not try to climb up to get one of the boxes down. Try second hand selling pages on Facebook, and use sites like Ebay for the furniture.

For their more expensive, or fragile toys, low-level shelves make a lot of sense. Just be careful to round off any sharp edges. In fact, because they are at a low level it is often a good idea to take a piece of pipe insulation tubing, and put it along the edge of the shelving. That way should one of the kids trip and fall; there is less risk of injury.

If you are strapped for cash, don’t worry about trying to get everything done at once. Most kids will not mind that there is still floral wallpaper on the walls, or that it’s pinterest perfect. They will just love having somewhere to play.

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  1. Kate Evans
    February 11, 2017 / 6:56 am

    Hello Jenny, wow! This is an excellent idea to make decorative child’s room at low budget. It helps lots for those parents who can’t afford interior designers. Really this is a helpful blog for us. Please keep sharing!

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