Delivering Joy: The Importance of Nurse Midwives

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Being pregnant can be one of the happiest periods of your life. Rich in delight and hope, planning for the arrival of your baby (or babies) is a rare pleasure. However, pregnancy also means that you need specialized care during your pregnancy and after the delivery. More and more, nurse midwives (in the US) are filling the vital role of caregiver to expectant mothers and their babies.

Success Stories

The profession of nurse midwife was established in the United States during the 1920s, and since then, nurse midwives have made a crucial difference to women’s lives. They have been recognized for reducing premature births, maternal and infant mortality, and low birth weights. They are skilled as primary care providers for pregnant women and their babies, as shown by their low rates of infant mortality, caesarean births, episiotomies, and use of epidural anesthesia. Their individualized patient care has also succeeded with high rates of vaginal births after caesarean procedures.

Career Options

Nurse midwives, through compassionate and personalized care, improve the lives of women, children, and families. However, this vital career offers other options as well, including:

Teaching at a university in schools of public health, nursing, allied health, and medicine
Conducting key clinical research in important areas such as maternal and infant healthcare, contraceptive methods, HIV/AIDS, breastfeeding, and gynecological care
Serving as a legislative lobbyist for health care reform
Directing a nurse midwifery practice

Nurse midwives can combine the many work options they have to design a career that fits their personal interests and skills.

Educational Opportunities

The need for nurse midwives is growing, and a variety of educational opportunities have opened up. There are even a number of distance learning programs that let students earn nursing degrees online. In today’s competitive job market, advanced nursing degrees such as UC’s masters degree in nursing give qualified job-seekers an edge. You can click here to learn about other important educational programs.

Personal Care

Nurse midwives have advanced training, and their focus is on providing personalized care for every woman. They can reduce the anxieties of pregnant women and help them have a satisfying and joyful experience during pregnancy and while they get to know their babies after delivery. The art of midwifery lowers the need for high-tech intervention for most women, although nurse midwives are thoroughly trained to offer safe, scientific procedures if needed to ensure a safe delivery for mother and child. Nurse midwives seek to help women have a healthy pregnancy and to care for themselves and their babies after delivery.

Rewards for All

Do you want a nurse midwife to care for you during and after pregnancy, or are you interested in becoming a certified nurse midwife? Overall, pregnant women seem to have fewer problems when a nurse midwife oversees their pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. The profession of nurse midwife is a rewarding career for those practicing it, and there are many career options for those interested in or already working in this field. As the face of healthcare continues to change in today’s technology-driven world, nurse midwives can offer a hands-on, personalized approach for women and their babies.

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December 28, 2016
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