Dream Work Spaces that have it nailed!

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These office designs are out of this world, inspiration for your office design, whether it's a home office or large organisation.

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Now that I work from home, I’d love to carve out an office space for myself. At the moment it’s my table, the sofa or occasionally my bed. I have an in tray that will soon become a shelf and an organiser or three. I’m inspired by these jaw dropping office spaces that have totally got it nailed.

For my home office, I love the green accents used here and the dreamy window seat I could stare out of for inspiration.


This amazing office has been designed and fitted by k2Space, it looks like they have really thought about their brand identity; they’ve also encorporated the comfort of their workers and are really firing their creativity. The bar stools make it look like it could be a nightclub, and I know if I was at a brainstorming session in the meeting room, that the ideas would be flowing.




Images courtesy of k2space.co.uk

I’m inspired by lots of light and space, and green plants. If I can’t be outside in nature, then I’d like to bring the outside in with natural light and lush plants that are easy to maintain yet add drama and life to the room. If you don’t have large windows, you could experiment with lighting do get the desired effect. Consider a SAD lamp during the winter to lift your mood.



This one is so elegant and feminine, with lots of built in storage so you can hide all the papers and folders away, and statement furniture pieces. I’d be daydreaming looking out of the window here with a cup of tea…


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November 16, 2016
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