Enjoying Role Play with the Baby Born Interactive Doll: A Review

Enjoying Role Play with the Baby Born Interactive Doll: A Review

I remember my Tiny Tears doll, how she wet herself very splendidly, all over the place, when you least expected it! Phoebe loves role playing with her dolls, although she vehemently says she doesn’t want to have babies when she’s older. I think she’s been put off seeing me with Daniel. Maybe she’ll change when she gets older, maybe she won’t. I’ve told William he has to have to children! Daniel has been showing an interest in dolls and soft toys now more too, he says ‘Baby’ at the dolls and tries to cover them with blankets – he loves taking them for walks in the toy pram aswell. We got to choose which baby born doll we wanted to review, and Phoebe chose the Baby Girl interactive doll (no surprise there). She comes with the following accessories:


Dummy, chain and clip

Baby ‘food’

Plate and spoon


Bodysuit and hat


Birth certificate

Friendship bracelet for doll and your child


What we thought and how to use your Baby Born Interactive Doll

Phoebe loved the dummy chain and clip, it’s got a lovely star detail. The friendship bracelet was a nice touch, Phoebe thought it was very grown up and loves that it matches the doll.



Baby born has 9 features, none of which need batteries which is a definite plus! You have to be careful and make sure they only use water for the bottle, otherwise it can block the tubes inside the doll. When you want her to go for a wee, if she’s lying down she’ll leak some water, then when you put her legs up to a sitting position and sit her on the potty, you press her tummy button and some ‘wee’ comes out! Phoebe thought that was rather special.

The food part was more complicated, we had to dissolve the ‘porridge’ in a specific amount of water – it takes a while to dissolve – I was expecting it to be thicker, but I think that’s how it’s meant to be. It forms beads of water which you can pick up on the spoon and feed to your baby, then she can ‘poop’ them out by pressing twice on the tummy button. She also cries too, once she’s had some water to drink and you squeeze her arm to get the tears out. You only get one food portion and one nappy per doll set so once the food is gone you’d need to buy more (which you can buy separately) and once the nappy is wet again you’d need to get more. I’m trying to avoid wetting the nappy so Phoebe can continue the role play. When the doll lies down, her eyes close and she’s off to sleep. If only it was really that easy! What has surprised me is that Daniel has really enjoyed the role play too, since getting the doll, he says ‘Baby,’ and likes to take her for walks in the toy buggy we have, and he makes sure she has a blanket and a toy – it’s so cute!



Disclosure: we were gifted the doll for the purpose of the review, all opinions are my own.

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