What to Expect in the First 2 Weeks after giving birth

Complete guide for you and your newborn in the first two weeks, what to expect for mum and baby after you give birth from top to toe.

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I ran a poll on my Facebook and Twitter, over what to talk about in my next YouTube video, and the results were the first two weeks after giving birth. It ended up being quite long (30 mins), but if you’re expecting a baby, particularly your first, then this video will tell you all you need to know. I cover the basics of feeding, plus a top to toe breakdown of what happens to you and your body after giving birth, plus key points in how to look after your baby in those early weeks. I cover a lot of the topics that are often left out in traditional baby antenatal and parentcraft classes, where new parents are left feeling unprepared. I hope you find it useful, please pass it on and share it if you did. If you would like me to cover anything in particular, do let me know.

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