Family travel? Here’s the ultimate guide!

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Taking a long car trip with a young family is a daunting experience. Worries about what to pack, how to schedule stops and how to stop the children becoming bored can intimidate even the most confident parents. A little bit of planning, however, can make the trip a lot easier, read our handy guide to find out how.

Pack all the essentials in a bag

It is well known that taking children anywhere involves taking a lot of stuff along too and this is most definitely the case when you’re taking them on a long car journey. Think about everything you are likely to need throughout the journey, things such as nappies, wipes, dummies, snacks, toys and put them all into one bag. This way they are all the essentials are together in one bag making items easy to find in that moment of crisis when you absolutely need them. Also, remember to take the bag into the car with you and not pack it in the boot. That way you will have items to hand as and when you need them without having to pull over.

Make frequent stops

The Child Development Institute recommends that when you are travelling with young children that you are flexible and go with the flow. Young children have needs that often can’t wait and you should still try and respond to these even when you are trying to get somewhere. Plus, trying to carry on a journey with a distressed child can lead to agitation in yourself which might distract you from the road ahead. Making frequent stops can also help with the boredom that children feel on long car journeys.

Bring snacks

Snacks are essential for any long car journey, they help to break up the time whilst in the car and can help if your child gets hungry between stops. Just remember to be careful not to give foods that could be potential choking hazards and you might also want to think about foods that are easier to eat to prevent mess. has a great selection of snack ideas that you could pack. Drinks are important too, but time it wisely as they’ll need the toilet more the more drink they have. Stick to water too, so that any spillages aren’t too sticky.

Take your toddlers blanket and pillow if there’s room

It is always an idea to take comfortable items for your child to maximise the chance that they might sleep during a journey. Any time that they are sleeping is time that you don’t have to be entertaining them and you can be recharging your batteries too.

Keep a roll of paper towels and a box of wipes in the front seat for easy cleanups

Unfortunately, accidents do happen when you are travelling with young children. Travel sickness or nappy eruptions can disrupt even the most carefully planned journeys. If you are leasing a car for your journey, you’ve probably spent some time researching intelligent car leasing and so, you will understand the importance of making sure the car is clean when you hand it back. Always having cleanup items handy so that you can deal with things as soon as possible without frantically trying to gather materials means that there is a better chance that upholstery won’t stain and also you’ll be able to get back to your journey quicker.

Keep the car clean and organised

If you keep the car clean and organised throughout the journey it means you can prevent frantic searches for essentials. It also means that you won’t have a huge cleanup job once you reach your destination.

Hopefully, these tips should help you to keep your sanity when out on the road with your family. For other parenting and lifestyle tips head to

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April 30, 2018
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