Feng Shui for the Kitchen- 10 Things to Do

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A significant place in your home is the Feng Shui kitchen as they represent more energy flow. The main intention for developing a Feng Shui kitchen is to symbolise wealth, health in abundance. A kitchen is a place where all parameters of Feng Shui are present and they are earth, wood, fire, metal, and water. Hence it requires good planning and balance to Feng Shui your kitchen. If you’re planning a new kitchen, why not use Feng Shui at the planning stage and it will be embedded right from the kitchen warehouse stage.

1.    Kitchen location

The best location for the kitchen is on the eastern or southern side of the home. The wood element is represented in the southeastern corner; hence it is a perfect positioning for Feng Shui kitchen. This position is also said to be a worthy source of energy. It is a good idea to screen the kitchen with curtains or close if there is a kitchen door.

2.    Adding flowers or plants

Potted plants such as wholesale silk plants and flowers are available that offers a refreshing look to your kitchen. Adding plants to your kitchen can bring in life and liveliness to the kitchen. It is mandatory to have a green colour in the kitchen as it represents wood aspect. Bowl of fruits, colourful flowers, and plants in the kitchen is a good way to follow Feng Shui kitchen.

3.    Everything must work

There may be few aspects that are broken in the kitchen it is mandatory to fix those things. Also, make sure if the kitchen doors are swinging freely. If you have chipped bowls they must be replaced and also make sure to sharpen your blunt knives. When Feng Shui is considered, properly cared things represent that you care for yourself very well too.

4.    Stove’s backside should have a wall

Having a stove on the centre would be a bad idea as it does not have a wall on the backside. The main element in a kitchen is the stove and should definitely be present with a wall at its back. There are few beliefs that having a stove in the centre island would be of bad luck and hence it is mandatory to keep the stove against the wall. It is equally important to keep the stove clean and make use of all burners to gain positive energy.

5.    Kitchen color

There are few perfect colours to opt for Feng Shui kitchen. Few Feng Shui colours are grey, earth and sky blue colours, yellow along with green or a simple white colour. You can also opt for fresh mint, red, black, light yellow etc.

6.    Think about lighting

Good lighting is mandatory to grab in good vibes into the kitchen. Always experiment with varied levels of lighting and try to avoid fluorescent bulbs. To obtain a good quality of lighting, try two layered lighting along with natural light from the windows.

7.    Avoid clutter

A cluttered or dirty stove is considered as a bad Feng Shui and forces negative energy. This condition distracts your capability to prepare healthy food and also interfere in earning a profitable income. The compost as well as garbage must be clean at regular time intervals and should be placed out of sight. Also, make sure that broom should be kept away from your sight as well.

8.    Keep things you use

As per Feng Shui, it is mandatory to have things and gadgets that you use. It is good to give away cookware, gadgets and other things that are unused. They use up unnecessary space and attract stagnant chi. Go on with a check of all the items in your kitchen and find out if they are really mandatory.

9.    Herb garden

Feng Shui energy is always around you and they are obtained in many forms, sizes, and shapes. To enhance the Feng Shui vines in your kitchen there are many ways. Aromatic herb plants can be a great way to create Feng Shui inside your kitchen. Some herbs you could try growing inside your kitchen are mint, Basil, lavender, thyme etc.

10.    A wood element in your kitchen

Your kitchen would surely have the fire, water, metal, and earth in it. It is important to have some form of wood inside the latest kitchens do not assure of having wood. You can just plan to have a wooden fruit basket with fruits or you can place imitation logs as a style factor.

11.    Cleanliness of counters

You may have many items in your kitchen counters that aren’t used and may take up space. Make sure to remove all such items, clean the kitchen counter and place them back. A clean and neat kitchen counter is mandatory for Feng Shui.

12.    Placing mirrors

Stove burners represent wealth and you may enhance the wealth by placing mirrors at the back side of the stove. This set up would help to reflect the burners, as well as your actions as you cook, are also reflected.

13.    Art in kitchen

Follow Feng Shui kitchen by adding wall art to the kitchen. Colours can be incorporated into your space by hanging wall arts. Choosing artwork should be something related to kitchen and dining. Such artwork would bring in life to the kitchen.

A kitchen that follows Feng Shui rules is important to have a Feng Shui kitchen. With all these tips you can also opt for placing an artificial tree, artificial plant wall, or fake trees. The colours and look in the mentioned dΓ©cor items would provide a fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere. Hence a Feng Shui kitchen is a perfect way as they help you make your life healthy, wealthy and easier.


There are numbers of artificial dΓ©cor items available for kitchen and complete home online. Such services also provide custom designed products for beautifying your home. Tap the keys and get to know tons of ideas for Feng Shui kitchen or beautifying your complete home. Follow Feng Shui procedure and turn your kitchen into a perfect one for abundant health, wealth and happiness. Avoid negative energy and vibes in your home by following simple basic positioning and cleanliness tips. 

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April 5, 2019
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