A Garden for the Whole Family

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You’ve seen how to create a family room to suit all ages, but did you know it is possible to create a garden that does this too? You can create a garden that is both a fun playing area for your children and a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing one for you. It can be done in any size of garden as well!

First of all you have to be open minded to the fact that when your children play on your grass they will affect it. There will be scuff marks. There will be parts of it where the soil beneath is dug up. This is unavoidable. However, you can limit the damage to certain areas. And you can limit it to small areas too. One way to do so is to purchase a trampoline and then place it on your grass — by doing so you are protecting it. You are protecting it because you are stopping your children from running, sliding and playing ball games on it — and these actives are the ones that have the biggest impact on your grass. When you have a trampoline, however, the marks on your grass will be limited only to where the legs of the trampoline touch it. A good piece of advice in this case is to move your trampoline around often so that you can let the small, yet still afflicted areas of your grass breathe from time to time, otherwise you’ll end up with a brown patch.

As mentioned, ball games are one of the biggest contributors to poor grass conditions. And they are one of the biggest contributors to the breaking down of plants and flowers too. As balls go astray and towards delicate pieces of nature such as flowers, they pose a real danger to them. They pose a danger because they are so heavy when compared to them. But, if your children have their hearts set on playing a game such as football in your garden, and you don’t have the time to take them to a park every day, then you seemingly reach an impasse. There is, however, a way to work around this: turning your garden into zones. By setting up a football goal in one zone of your garden that is both safe for your children to play in and far away from your plants you can protect the interests of both. And because you allow your children a certain zone of the garden to play their ball games in, it means you can allow yourself a zone of it too. In this zone you should incorporate whatever it is you want. Whether it be a space to relax. Whether it be a space inundated with flowers and plants. Or whether it be a space filled with water features. Whatever it is that you want, you bring it in. You just have to ensure that your zone remains untouched by your children, and their zone remains untouched by you – good luck with that!

It is only fair that each member of your family, no matter their age, is afforded some enjoyment in your garden this summer. But just make sure that one family member’s enjoyment doesn’t ruin the enjoyment of another!


Sharing is caring!

May 25, 2017
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