Getting a Second Chance at life after 40 #secondchances

Getting a Second Chance at life after 40 #secondchances

They say life begins at 40. I don’t know who first coined that phrase, but they were probably referring to the fact that most people had children in their early 20s and then by 40 they had a bit more freedom to pursue their interests and enjoy life a bit more. For most people as they get older they may have more financial freedom too. I turned 40 this year and I feel great.

Well, I only just finished having my children and they’re still young, so I’m a little way off that freedom and financial freedom, well I’m working on it. After going through a family tragedy and losing our first child to Tay-Sachs Disease, it made me realise that you don’t get to live life twice, you make your own second chances. I made a promise to her that I would grab life with two hands, never be afraid to try new things and that I’d live my life for her. I try to always say yes if I can, I don’t suffer fools gladly and I don’t take any crap.

When I was younger I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I wanted to write a novel, work with animals, be a nurse or be a model. The model option didn’t really work out seeing as I’m 5’4” and on the curvy side. I dabble in amateur dramatics and I’ve been a film extra – one of my life goals right there. Then after dabbling in various ‘careers’ such as factory worker, postman, office administrator and stable hand, and with my knight in shining armour not forthcoming, I decided to be brave and do my nurse training, followed shortly after by my midwifery training. Since then it’s been hard work but rewarding, but I’ve always been on the lookout for something I can do for myself that doesn’t require shift work. I’ll always be a midwife and a nurse, it’s the kind of job you can always get work for, people always need it. I’ll never regret my choices but I’m not sure I’d advise my children to do the same.

In July 2015 I wrote and published my first blog post. I soon discovered the blogging community and went from strength to strength. I always knew I wanted to make money from it, so I’ve pretty much from day 1 treated it like my own business and now it’s become just that, and I earn nearly what I was earning as a Midwife. You’ll always see my own organic content but there will also be a fair amount of reviews and some sponsored content, otherwise I can’t justify the time I spend on it (nor can my husband, the blogging widow). I feel like the blog is my second chance in life, it’s given me a purpose, drive, ambition, a hobby, friends, more freedom and a new career. It’s also given me some amazing opportunities. How many people get their own bake off experience or go to a chocolate masterclass at The Savoy? I’ve been able to take a step back from regular shift work, I now only work 1 shift a week on average, and if I need to go to a blogging event or want to be available for Extras work, I can be.

It’s never too late to change your life if you’re not happy. Just examine which areas you are most unhappy with and make a plan to change.

If you’re not happy in your job, don’t wait, start looking around for new things, work on it in your spare time. Start an evening course and retrain. If you’re worried about money, make a savings plan and have a buffer of savings.

If your relationship isn’t what it was, talk to each other, go to counselling and look really closely at what’s working and what isn’t. Is it time you called it a day? Remember why you fell in love, long term relationships do get tough and aren’t always exciting and romantic. Lasting love is about partnership and good communication.

Not happy with your home? Look into moving to a new area, down or upsizing, try blitzing small areas and you’ll soon see a difference. Declutter, you’ll feel so much better even if you just clear out that draw that’s full of junk or tidying up the shoe cupboard (next on my list).

Don’t like the way you look? Start making small changes in your portions, the way you eat, your habits and start moving more. Small changes can make a big difference, fad and crash diets will just leave you craving more and don’t work. It’s all about confidence, you are your own worst critic.

Have you been given a second chance in life? What would you do if you could get a second chance in life? I’d love to hear your stories. Tag me on Twitter or Facebook, using the hashtag #secondchances.


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  1. November 11, 2016 / 8:20 am

    What a wonderful post – you’ve achieved so much in such a short amount of time, well done you!!

    • Midwife and Life
      November 11, 2016 / 8:50 am

      Thankyou Amanda, that’s lovely to hear x

  2. November 20, 2016 / 10:02 am

    Yes a bit like you I have started over which was mainly triggered by having my second child at 42! You really do have to go for it in life and although it can be a bit scary at times, it’s worth it in the long run. Well done you!!!

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