Getting your radiators ready for Autumn

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It feels like as soon as the calendar hit October 1st Autumn wasn’t waiting around at all to kick into gear. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling the sudden chill in the air these last few days, and it’s getting to the time in the year when the home heating needs to get programmed, so everyone isn’t waking up to a chilly house in the mornings.

If you read the post on common problems in old homes, you may (or may not) have realised that there was one big thing in everyone’s home that wasn’t even mentioned: the humble radiator. It’s one of those items at home we don’t pay particular attention to until it stops working, or makes a worrying noise as it rattles into motion.

With it being the time of year where your radiators get used to being on, have you considered whether your radiator is still up to scratch? In this short post, I’m going to highlight a few autumnal problems homes across the UK have with their heating, and where the radiator comes to save the day.

Problem 1: Cold spots on the radiator

From all the great weather we’ve had over the summer, there will be many houses where the heating was never on or individual radiators were completely turned off. Before the weather takes a real turn, I would recommend doing a test run around the house by turning the heating on for an hour and having every radiator turned up fully.

After the hour, go around and have a good check of every radiator for any cold spots. The downstairs radiators will usually be fine with the way hot water goes around the house. Double-check you have the radiators upstairs all working well – even those in the spare room. 

When you know what radiators have spots, let them cool down a good bit before you grab a towel and bleed the corners.

Problem 2: Cold bathroom every morning

It can be a struggle to get out of your warm cosy bed first thing in the morning with the knowledge you’ll soon have to run across the landing only to stand in a freezing cold bathroom while you wait for the shower to get going. 

woman in bath up to her nose

With so many of us having a tiny bathroom, the radiator you have in there might not be the best at getting the room warm in the morning. It might be time to treat yourself to an upgrade and get a heated towel rail for your bathroom

It used to be that they were quite dear, but these days you can get one for as little as £20 if you shop about online. The magical thing about them is to throw your robe and towel over it while you’re in the shower and come out to dry yourself with a toasty warm towel. 

Problem 3: Know your bars

The last problem is one that will have you feeling a little silly if you forget all about it. When you have all the radiators on for the first time in Autumn, they sometimes may feel like they’re not getting to the optimal temperature. It isn’t that there are cold spots, it’s that a radiator is almost lukewarm to the touch.

If this happens, there is a very good chance the problem isn’t with the radiator but with your boiler. Have a quick check and make sure the needled is sitting perfectly between 1-2 bars. Low pressure means the boiler needs more water to get going; otherwise it’s wasting energy to heat up radiators.

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October 7, 2019
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