Perfect Glasses Review

Perfect Glasses Review

Over the last couple of years my eyesight has been gradually deteriorating, at first I thought it was due to pregnancy and the immediate aftermath. Then, when I went back to work after having Daniel, I wasn’t able to focus on the small writing on the computer screen. I was screwing my eyes up and zooming in on the screen. I’ve never needed glasses my whole life and I’ve always prided myself on having 20/20 vision, so it came as a shock to find that I needed some help. After struggling for a while I finally went for an eye test. During the eye test when they were testing the eyes separately, I realised how bad my right eye was compared to the left. I only have a very slight presciption, and it’s for close work – reading, mobile phone browsing and computer work. I’m fine driving and watching TV. I got some glasses and all was well, until I lost them! I left them behind on our Easter break, and when I tried to get them back they were very unhelpful as they couldn’t find them.

I’ve been struggling along without them since, but then Perfect Glasses got in touch with me to offer me a review of their glasses, which couldn’t have come at a better time, because I’d got to the point where I was going to go and get another pair as my blog business grows and I am spending more and more time in front of the computer screen. I’d never considered buying glasses online, but it actually makes perfect sense. I hate going into town unless I’m by myself (the kids drive me crazy), so those trips are few and far between. Can it be made easier? Yes!

Choosing your Glasses

The site is really user friendly, and although it’s obvious, the fact that it just sells glasses means it can really specialise and offer you the best products and service. If, like me you’ve never had to look at glasses before, you have time to look at all the different frames at your leisure without fear of looking awkward. Each product picture of glasses has details you didn’t even know existed – when you hover over the frame size button it tells you the lens diameter, nose bridge length, frame depth, frame width and arm length, so you can measure yourself and get the right fit. There are a wide range of categories, not just women’s glassesbut also prescription sunglasses too. Once you have an idea what size and shape you want, you can narrow down your search to suit you. You can also choose your price range. I had a budget of £50, so I set the limit to that. Overall there are so many to choose from that whatever the budget, you’re bound to find something you like. One of the best features about Perfect Glasses is that you can virtually ‘try on’ the glasses, using your phone camera or webcam, so you can see how the glasses will look on you before you buy. You can also search by colour, material (plastic, titanium, metal, bendable), frame type (full rimmed, semi rimmed, rimless) and lens type (single vision, vari focal, bi focal). You need a copy of your prescription so that you know what to get. I had my eye test done at Specsavers, and they were able to send me a copy for my records. I took advantage of the sale they had on, and managed to get some designer glasses, these practical and stylish frames from Skechers. Who knew they did glasses as well as shoes?

The Service from Perfect Glasses

Once you’ve ordered, you can sign up for an account or just order the glasses. You get a confirmation email with details of your order. I received the glasses in  their own hard case, with cleaning cloth, which came bubble wrapped in a jiffy envelope in the post. It was quick, efficient and I had no issues. If you need to return them for whatever reason, that’s not a problem. I’d taken care when choosing my spectacles online, so I was so pleased when I got them and they fitted my face perfectly and were exactly what I expected. I have a small narrow face, so I didn’t want large frames, so I went for rectangular shaped framed glasses in a neutral colour to go with most outfits.

My husband approves – it’s like a whole new look he says! The quality is fantastic, they’re really comfortable to wear and event though it makes absolutely no difference to my intelligence, I like the way they make me look authoritative. I can easily pop them on and off, as I don’t need them on all the time. I’m pleased that Daniel hasn’t tried to pull them off yet. I took advantage of nap time the other day to catch up on some ‘me time’ and enjoy reading my book without feeling like an old granny squinting at the page!

I’m currently reading a book by Penny Vincenzi, one of my favourite authors called Almost a Crime. It’s got love, betrayal, family politics and the leading lady is called Octavia. Need I say more? Note – cutting the nap wasn’t going to well, I had such a grumpy, whiny, clingy child come 4 o’ clock that it was better for him to go to bed late and have a nap.

Disclosure: I received the glasses for the purposes of the review and  I have been compensated for my time. All opinions are my own. Contains affiliate links.


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