8 Handy Products Every Expecting Yummy Mummy Needs

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Once you have a child, life becomes a lot busier! What many mums don’t know is that there are products made specifically for you to help keep you organised without sacrificing efficiency or style.

If you want to be a fashion forward power mum, check out these 8 awesome must-have products!

A Spacious and Stylish Changing Bag

A changing bag is an obvious must-have for the early part of motherhood, but not every mother thinks it’s necessary to treat themselves to an adorable option. This is something you will be carrying around with you almost everywhere you go, so you want to make sure you find a bag that you absolutely love. Check out online websites like Amazon to browse affordable and stylish changing bags that will make you look like the power mum you are!

A Wallet Phone Case

Being a mum means you now have to keep track of a LOT more things! When you are heading out the door, it can be hard to remember all of your belongings along with your baby’s essentials. A phone case and wallet combination keeps everything important in one place. You will want to check out the best iPhone cases to make sure you get a durable, baby-proof case that will last.

Multipurpose Baby Wrap

Wraps help you carry your baby around and can also double as a breastfeeding cover. Find a baby wrap that matches your style and can coordinate with your outfits! Many wraps can even double as a scarf so you can be the most fashionable mum on the block. They come in many kinds of colours and prints, so you be sure to find a baby wrap that will match your wardrobe.

Baby Carrier

If a baby wrap is not for you, we suggest buying a baby carrier, known as a soft structured carrier. Baby carriers are more comfortable for some new mothers, and they can be easier to use. While they may not be as multipurpose as a baby wrap, you can still use a baby carrier to flaunt your style! They come in many different colours so you can coordinate with your outfits and your baby’s outfits.

Jogging Stroller

Did you know that there are strollers specifically designed to use while exercising? Don’t let your fitness fall behind! Jogging strollers are made to keep your baby protected while you jog around your neighbourhood with your baby. These make exercising easy and worry-free so there are no excuses to not stay fit and healthy.

Pretty Pumping Set

Breast pumping is a necessity, and can be one of the more annoying factors of motherhood. Luckily, there are many cute and fun accessories to make breast pumping a little less boring! Look for stylish pumping bags and pumping sets so you can carry around all of your gear and look good while doing it.

Teething Necklace

These gorgeous necklaces are actually teething necklaces, safe for Baby to chew on.

Jewellery might seem like a moot point when you have a baby crawling all over you, but you can make your jewellery multipurpose when you buy a teething necklace! These necklaces are designed to look fashionable for you and totally safe for your baby to chomp on. A teething necklace is a great multipurpose item to have for any mum.

Baby Food and Spoon Combo

This is another great product to minimise everything you are carrying around! The two in one baby food container and spoon combo lets you feed your baby straight from a container. Similar to a squirt bottle with a spoon at the end, you can fill up the container with your baby’s food and spoon-feed them straight from the bottle!

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June 4, 2019
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