Have You Outgrown Your House?

These 5 tips will change the way you look at your home!

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When did you move into your current property? Was it pre-babies and post-the shared house of your 20s? Perhaps you bought your house with plans to have little ones at some point in the future.

Whatever you had in mind when you first set up home, the chances are thing have changed over the years. If things are starting to feel a bit cramped or storage options are limited, it might be that you have outgrown the space.

To be sure it’s time to start looking for something bigger, here are some signs that it’s time to move out and up.

Full House

One of the more obvious signs that you might have outgrown your current property is when the house is feeling full. If you have children but bought before they arrived, you’ll have noticed that there is much less room now. Before, there was probably plenty of space for a guest bedroom and wardrobes.

Once the tiny people started to appear, suddenly your living room was taken over with toys and you have had to find clever storage solutions for the pram – and this is the case whether you have one or five kids!

Also, if your current house is a back-to-back with only a shared driveway forming any sort of outdoor space, the children may need a garden to run around in. This is worth considering as you start your search.

Career Boost

If you’ve recently had a promotion and the finances are in good shape, you might feel like you are ready to move on from the one-bedroom flat you bought when you were still working as an intern. A larger house can reflect how much you’ve grown and allow you to live more comfortably.

You’ve Moved On

As well as the need for more space leading you to feel like you want a new home, there is also the emotional aspect. We all change as we grow older, and this could mean that you decide that you no longer enjoy living in your current house and that you’re ready to try something new.

What you wanted when you first bought your current property might not be what you want from your home now. This could be the time to sell up and find the house that you dream of. Home sales experts, such as those at Andrews, can help you make it happen.

Property Change

Should you have been in the same flat for years and you long for a house, or you’re in a bungalow and you want to be able to go upstairs to bed, it could be time to move. Write down what you want next and start searching for properties that tick the boxes.

Are things feeling cramped? Do you think you’ve outgrown your house?

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November 9, 2018
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