The Heart of the Home: Creating Your Family Kitchen

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When it comes to busy family life, the kitchen is often the hub of the home. It becomes where spend the majority of our family time, entertain friends and hear about our children’s woes over a hot chocolate or a slice of pizza. Food brings us all together, so it’s no wonder that the kitchen has become such an important connecting space in the middle of our busy family lives. As a supremely functional room, any redesigns need to be focused on the flow of movement first and foremost, but there are lots of little upgrades you make to ensure that the space is working as well as it can do you for you and your family:

Refresh tired surfaces

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick refresh of surfaces to make it look as if you’ve had a complete kitchen makeover. And these days, there are lots of cost-effective ways to breathe new life into a tired kitchen setup. Painting cupboard doors and replacing the handles is a job that can be done in a weekend but provides an instant facelift to the space. Similarly, re-tiling Β a splashback with some standout tiles can have a disproportionate impact without the expense and mess of transforming the whole space. Spice things up with a Lodge cast iron griddle to add a touch of luxury.Β 

Roll-on adhesive resurfacing transforms dated worktops, and adding a few pendant lights is a simple job that can make a space more welcoming and encourage family conversation around the kitchen table.

Install a hot water tap

If you really want to add value to your home and cut down on the morning rush for the kettle, why not consider installing one of the latest boiling water taps? They work by supplying instant boiling water from an insulated tank usually kept under the sink and mean you can grab a cup of tea without waiting around. You only use as much water as you need, making them an eco-friendly solution too. It could be just what you need to keep your house happy!

Make a coffee bar

With so many of us dependent on our morning caffeine fix, and the ritual of hot drinks still punctuating family life, creating a small dedicated area of the kitchen to this purpose can be both decorative and functional as well. Some open shelves to display pretty espresso cups, Kilner jars full of coffee beans and flavoured syrups can create a useful and attractive focal point. Plug in your coffee machine and gather together everything you need for making hot drinks in one place. It will make your mornings flow more seamlessly and give a cafe atmosphere to the space.

Search out more storage

Creating a truly welcoming space that all the family will want to spend time in means encouraging all their activities from glitter gluing pictures to playing board games. But that can mean an awful lot of clutter, so add a few simple storage solutions to stave off the rising tide of mess. Adding in an ottoman is a fab idea – it provides extra seating while being easy to check toys and games into at the end of the evening. Using clever magnetic racks to hold kitchen knives away from little fingers and invest in a portable kitchen trolley to wheel everything to the dining table in one go.

A smart space that works hard and brings families together- just what every home needs!

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November 24, 2017
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