Is your heating on yet?

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Brrr, it’s getting chilly! We had our first frost the other day and we all had our gloves on. Phoebe said this morning that it’s still supposed to Autumn, but it feels like Winter. Every year we have headlines predicting the worst winter ever – will it be this year?

I’m of the mindset that it’s never too early to put the heating on, but my husband has other ideas. Is anyone ever the other way around? My hands and feet are always cold even in the summer months.

This year we also have an open fire, which is heavenly. We had a rather unflattering hole in the wall there before, so I’m so pleased we have it now. We had to wait until we had enough money to buy and fit it, but it’s been so worth it. The look, sound, smell and of course, the warmth it brings is priceless.

We have a thermostat we can control remotely and set to come on at certain times and temperatures. It is smart too, and knows if you’re away. When the temperatures first started dropping in September, it kicked in automatically and my husband was horrified. I of course, was pleased. I do put extra layers of clothing on and I’m a blanket fan too, but when you’re shivering even with extra layers, the heating has to go on!

Our living room only has one radiator, and it doesn’t really heat the room adequately. When we renovated the bathroom, I went for a feature radiator in the form of a heated towel rail, which emanates so much warmth. Feature radiators are becoming more and more popular nowadays and there are so many designs available. In the future when we renovate more I will change some of the radiators in the house.

I’d like to get some radiator covers like the ones Mrs Hinch has, but my husband thinks they will not work as effectively. I say let’s give them a go! We’re doing up the hallway next, with underfloor heating and new flooring tiles. That will make a big difference to the heating and look of the house. I can’t wait to show you all the finished look. Make sure you are following on Instagram to see the progress.

Have you got your heating on in full flow yet?

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October 29, 2019
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