Could Your House Be Causing Your Family Health Issues? Problems You Need To Be Aware Of

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Is your house affecting your health? Common problems at home causing issues that can be rectified if you know what to look for

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When your family gets ill, it’s easy to blame it on outside sources. After all, we know how easy it is to pick up a bug from a person in close proximity. Health issues like flu spread like wildfire inside the school gates. But, when your family keeps getting ill, there could be a problem much closer to home. After all, a lot of people don’t realise there are issues in their property which is putting their family’s health in jeopardy. Therefore, here are some problems you need to be aware of in the home which could be causing your family health issues.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

A lot of people don’t think about carbon monoxide as a potential issue in their home. But if you have gas in your property, it’s so important that you are aware of it. After all, carbon monoxide poisoning affects so many families in the UK every year. And adults and kids alike end up in hospital in serious conditions which can even lead to death. Therefore, it’s so important that you are aware of it in your home for the sake of your family’s health. There are several ways you can keep an eye on whether there is an issue. For one thing, you can fit an alarm which can live next to your gas boiler. It will alert you if there is a problem with your gas so that you can contact an engineer and remove your family from the property ASAP. And also if your family is suffering from unexplained health symptoms like dizziness and vomiting, it’s worth checking your boiler. You should also arrange for an annual check. After all, the engineer will ensure it’s working safely, so your family is not at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. We have an annual boiler service and they check the carbon monoxide alarm.


You might be surprised to know how easy it is for moisture to build up on the walls. After all, every time you use the shower or the bath, the steam can turn to moisture on your bathroom walls. And the same goes for in the kitchen after you have used appliances like the dishwasher or the washing machine. Also, when you have been boiling food, it’s easy for moisture to occur in the kitchen. While it’s not a huge issue, if you don’t clean it away quickly, it could turn into condensation. And if it’s still not sorted, it can lead to damp on the walls. Damp can often be the route of health problems in your family. So if your kids are suffering from a weak immune system with respiratory issues, it could be down to that damp. Therefore, if you spot any damp on walls, you need to contact a company to come and sort it ASAP. They will treat it quickly, so you don’t have to worry about your family’s health in the home. To prevent moisture and condensation in the first place, make sure you use an extractor fan in the bathroom and kitchen. Avoid using the tumble dryer all the time. Drying your clothes in the open air is a lot healthier for your family. If you are renting and have any problems with your landlord, make sure you have access to legal assistance. There are ways you can get it for free or low cost, especially if you’re on a low income. Know your rights when it comes to renting.


It can be hard to spot if there are any pests in your home. After all, sometimes they could be hiding in small holes in the house that are difficult to spot. And small pests are even harder to see in your property. But they could be causing your family health issues without you even realising. For one thing, pests like mites and fleas could end up biting your child in the night. So they might wake up to have irritated skin in the morning. Also, pests can cause your child to have breathing difficulties, especially if they suffer from allergies. Therefore, you need to watch out for signs of pests so you can take action quickly. Some of the top signs include unexplained bites in the morning, chewed wires, and tiny blood marks on the sheets and walls. If you do have pests, you can buy some treatment which will ensure they are removed quickly. And remember to wash all the bedding in the home to ensure it’s pest-free. Then fill in any holes so that no pest will be making an appearance anytime soon.


It’s so easy for dust to build up in your home. After all, as much as we try and catch all the areas in our home, it’s easy to miss particular spots. But dust could be causing your child to have flu-like symptoms. And if they suffer from allergies, it can make them ill in the home. So make sure you give the house from top to bottom a good clean weekly, and remember places like the tops of doors, bathroom sides, and under beds!

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January 16, 2017
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