How we’re doing Christmas a bit different this year

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I always look forward to Christmas and this year is no exception. There is one difference though. Earlier this year I started working part time in a local Nursing home and I always knew there was a possibility of working over Christmas. I should have said in my interview that I had holiday over Christmas but I missed my chance, too honest. 

I put in my requests not to work Christmas day but when the rota came out there it was. I’m working Christmas day, the 27th and 31st. At first I was devastated, I haven’t worked Christmas day since I started working as a Midwife, and then it was an early shift that finished at 2.30. This time I’m working a 12 hour shift. 

So we’re doing Christmas a bit differently this year. On Christmas eve we’ll have a family day, with TV, games and a special dinner. I’ve been practising my table decorations, I’m so excited to be able to use my new candlesticks from PIB-home, I think they add something special. Daniel is nearly 4 now so he’s slightly more reliable at the table. PIB-home sells delightfully different vintage inspired furniture and accessories.

Candlesticks: part of a range from PIB-home

Then after dinner we’ll open a couple of presents each. I’ve chosen Christmas pyjamas for the children to unwrap and a little activity toy or book so they’ll have something to play with or do on Christmas day. We have a small tree in the dining room, and those presents are going there. It’s added that extra element to Christmas.

On Christmas day I’ll be starting work at 7.45am and I leave the house at 7.30. We’ll get up early at 6am and see if Father Christmas has been. If everyone’s on the nice list we’ll have stockings to open together on the big day. I’ll then head off to work and they’ll play with what they have, watch TV and my husband will no doubt be prepping the veg and turkey ready for boxing day. I get home from work on Christmas day at around 8.15pm when I’ll collapse with some wine and cheese and receive all the cuddles.

On Boxing day we’ll have our ‘Christmas day.’ There’ll be present opening and a sea of wrapping paper, chaos, laughing, crying and shouting. There’ll be Turkey, crackers, yule log, Christmas specials, playing and kisses. I can’t wait. 

Us last year, with a half finished dining room

One more work day on the 27th and then I’m off until the 31st (never did care much for new years eve). It’s Daniel’s birthday on the 30th so that’s always pretty special, the family all get together to eat cheese and drink wine and play a bit of pass the parcel.

I hope whatever you’re doing this Christmas it’s full of joy or not too painful whichever way you look at it. My heart is with fellow workers on Christmas this year, thanks for keeping the country going. I’m actually looking forward to being with my residents on Christmas day and helping to make it special. I know a few won’t be getting visitors at all and at least we can be there for them.

Disclosure: we were gifted the candlesticks

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December 17, 2018
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