Ideas For Some Quality You Time

Ideas For Some Quality You Time

While this is stating the obvious, but being a mum can get on top of the best of us. I love my kids, and I love doing what I do, but there seems to be little moments where I just want a bit of time to myself, and I do feel guilty about that. But on the other hand, I deserve a bit of time to myself. And it got me thinking about what sort of things I would really do if I had some time to myself. I’m sure most people think about lazing around, doing nothing, but after doing that for 20 minutes, I’m ready to go again. So I decided to have a look at some options for what to do that’s for me and me alone, and here are some suggestions for you.

Get Out And Explore



Some people love getting on their motorbike and exploring the open road, and while I’m not in possession of a motorbike (or the leather trousers), I did wonder about how to get around on a budget. And loads of people get scooters because they’re cheap. There are more modern versions of these, like the electric scooter, which is handy for exploring once in a blue moon. You can just charge it up and off you go! But there are so many lovely little coastlines and beaches, and you can just go for a couple of hours and get some peace and tranquillity in the open air. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Learn An Instrument


For those who aren’t really keen on getting out in the open air, you could stay indoors and learn something new, or go back to an old instrument. I played the Cello at school and I’d love to get back into it. Although the idea of learning an instrument might not sound like the most relaxing of pastimes, if you’re learning something you’ve really wanted to learn for a long time, like your favourite song, it beats learning scales and all those boring things. Or you could learn the drums? It’s much more therapeutic to beat something!

Writing For Fun

Much like this blog, you could do put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and write something. They say we’ve all got a book in us, and surely you’ve got some interesting stories to tell. You might open up a floodgate, and after so many stories come out, you could put them all onto one handy blog for others to see. There’s no harm in trying to write something. We can’t all be Charles Dickens, and even if you don’t want to write stories, no doubt you’ve got some great advice for others on specific subjects. The internet is awash with great advice blogs and articles so you could find a career on the side running a blog! It may sound like a lot of work, but if you’re coming at it from a place of fun, it is incredibly rewarding and doesn’t feel like work. These are all suitable options to try. We make room for family time, so we should make more time for ourselves too.


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