How to meet unexpected bills

Meeting unexpected bills

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A couple of months ago I had a major disaster with my washing machine, Daniel had kindly been ‘helping’ me by pressing the buttons, loading the washing, unloading the washing, putting clean washing in it etc. His favourite thing to do is press the pause button again and again…


so he was up to his usual tricks (why I don’t wait til he’s in bed I don’t know) when suddenly all the lights started flashing together! It’s not that old, we got it when we moved in 3 and a half years ago and it’s a decent machine (a Hotpoint, from Currys) so I was a wee bit disappointed. I turned it on and off again and it seemed to reset itself so I started it again. The water filled up… and up… and up… until it started leaking out of the top, aaarrrgggh!


Not good. I somehow managed to turn it off but I was now faced with a washing machine full of water and dirty clothes. With 3 children and 2 adults I need my washing machine and I didn’t fancy a trip to the launderette. I also was looking at a big repair bill, money we just don’t have. I managed to sort it with a monthly maintenence plan from Hotpoint, which was the best option, they came out and fixed it for us and we now have peace of mind for further incidents. They claimed it wasn’t Daniel pushing buttons but that water may have got into the top of the machine and caused the electrics to go wonky. I’m reserving judgement on that one.

Another alternative is to have a rainy day fund that you pay into each month for unexpected bills, or you could consider a short term loan from a company like Vivus. They offer short term loans of £100-£300 from 10-41 days. It’s definitely for the short term, the interest rate is high at 146% per annum so you must make sure you can pay it back quickly and be responsible about your borrowing. They are a lender, not a broker, and the first loan you take out with them you pay half the interest rate, so if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place at the wrong time of the month then this could be an option.

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